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Online reservations at restaurants and outperform telephone bookings


A few days ago it has released the new Mobile web Restaurant El Rancho Madrid, I invite everyone to that you can see coming from your smartphone www.elranchomadrid.com

For the satisfaction of users and customers with the new mobile web, for a week was asked by different means, offline y online, they answered a survey of 10 questions, having achieved 678 answers.

Although I am aware that the amount is not sufficiently representative to draw conclusions taxativas, if it is interesting to see evidence of use of Internet users and customers of restaurants.

Among other questions that were performed on the design, usability, the content, etc., there is one that I would like to share with you, because it is very representative upon confirmation of trend change in the market and as technology prevails in the sector.

The question at hand is :

How often you make your reservations at restaurants?

and the answer was as follows :

Mobile Web / App14%

In addition to reaffirm these results, attached an article that was published earlier this year, in which the booking portal eltenedor.es arrived at almost the same number of bookings through the survey said smartphone.

Definitely, we see how the technology channel represented by the web reserves is surpassing 10% the traditional channel of Telephone reservations at restaurants, but if in addition to these we add reserves through smartphones, this difference would increase to 24%, concluding that more than half of the customers and make their reservations at restaurants via web.

But I wanted to be me only in the data, and I have reflected on some of the factors that are driving this migration between the traditional model and technological happened to mention to :

  • He easy, fast and cheap Internet access and new technologies both fixed and mobile, It is necessary to create the ecosystem that facilitates channel web reservations.
  • He generational change that we are seeing with new customers who are living since its inception technological revolution coupled with the revolution of smartphones and, for some years, the explosion of social networks.
  • The “googlerización” of the society Current that has moved the old paper guides online restaurants Internet with immediate access to all kinds of information about restaurants.
  • an important increased leisure agencies via the Internet intermediating and facilitate online relationship between customers and restaurants.
  • He access to promotions, discounts and special products through the web that were unimaginable in the traditional channel.
  • A very positive assessment by new customers restaurants that have a good web presence, with useful and accurate content.
  • The social networks They are helping to spread and promoting the contents of restaurants and recommendations by the social community that in most cases end up with a web booking.
  • The importance is increasingly assuming a good reputation online by views, comments and reviews from customers who have already lived their experience and in many cases is the key factor, even above the price, to motivate new customers online bookings.

Thus, It is a confirmation that the change of model, on which I never tire of insisting, is a reality, and restaurants and businesses in general who want to have a future sustainability of your business will have to adapt to the new ways that this market where technology imposes, Internet and SMR (Social Media Restauranting) they will have an undeniable weight, if they have not already.

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