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Contactless food order pick-up counters continue to expand thanks to KFC


The coronavirus crisis It has changed the mode of operation of restaurants in more than one way. In addition to the capacity and opening hours limitations, contactless technologies or contactless. This philosophy transforms common elements in restaurants such as point of sale terminals or self-order kiosks, to mention some affected elements of the specialized furniture of the premises. However, the greatest innovation in this field are box office contactless.

The ticket office contacless they are plain and simple automatically closed compartments that are opened with a digital signal. This digital signal can be a code entered via telematics through a mobile terminal, through facial recognition or using some other applicable technology.

These ticket offices are very useful in catering businesses because, in addition to reduce the number of common contact surfaces that serve as a route of transmission to the new coronavirus, help the restorer to minimize interactions between clientele and staff. In this way, multiple lockers are already in operation contactless where the local template, either kitchen staff or waiters with new attributions, they deposit the freshly prepared dishes. Then, a notice is issued to the customer who has placed the order and he can come to pick it up without contacting anyone.

The success of these initiatives has been enormous, For this reason, the first pilot projects are already being exported to markets where it is expected that their use can be generalized.. Kentucky Fried Chicken, the famous fast food chain specializing in chicken wings, was one of the pioneering companies in its implementation. After having enjoyed a resounding success in the pilot experiences, now he prepares to carry his lockers contactless to Japan.

Fast food companies based in the West have long wanted to penetrate deeper into the Asian market. The coronavirus crisis has hit the country of the rising sun much less than the old and new continent. Because, Going the extra mile in a tough market like Japan can offset KFC's losses this year. 2020.

In his favor is that Japanese society is very receptive to technological innovations. Japanese culture is not disgusted by measures that dehumanize the service: Japan is the most robotic country in the world, beating its pursuers by a wide margin. The robots are common in the daily life of the Japanese citizen. In the last place, It is also necessary to point out the neatness and staunch displeasure that pathogens produce among the population, Let's remember that masks have been the order of the day in that country since time immemorial..

With all this, Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched to install several lockers contactless in their Japanese restaurants.

The system is fully integrated with al app kfc mobile. In this way, when the customer has placed his order and executes the payment, receives a code in the application with which you can access the interior of the lockers.

The compartments are designed for quick collection and therefore are not cooled or heated. Thanks to this they can be used both to deliver hot meals and cold drinks.

To help diners who may feel clueless, KFC has installed some infographics that outline the mode of operation of the lockers contactless. further, has issued a statement to publicize this news, affecting four of its locations in Japan at the moment. Although it will undoubtedly soon be available in more establishments.

Currently the brand has more than a thousand restaurants in the country and enjoys great popularity. Given its early entry into the market and marked American character, has become an icon for the curious. Around the franchise a whole social movement has been built on which it has been decided to capitalize now given the bad economic forecasts for the rest of the regions.

These lockers contacless, available in the capital and in two other cities, have also been used in Moscow (Russia). They are part of a series of strategic additions to the contactless that have also affected, for example, to branches located in the Republic of Singapore. There, a solution with less technological involvement has been chosen: deliveries to takeaway managed remotely and without contact. To make it, the app KFC mobile is also crucial.

And is that one app mobile phone for restaurants is much more than a means of communication with the consumer. Its intelligent use can become a philosopher's stone for the strategic and marketing needs of the company. You just have to look at what they are doing Starbucks, McDonald’s O Burger King with his own to realize the hidden potential of such a simple addition.

With a complicated outlook for 2021 Y 2022, The ticket office contactless, contactless technologies and apps Own mobiles are presented as valuable assets for the restaurateur.

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