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The latest developments in Pinterest for restaurants


More news to come Pinterest, and this time in our language. The social network announced inspiration, Just a few days ago, opening your blog in Castilian, from which we can read the latest trends: both general intended for all users as specific for Spanish speakers.

As advertised in the original article in Blog Pinterest, the Social Network gave the welcome all Spanish speakers who they want to be aware of your latest news and updates. According to the original article: Spanish has been one of the languages ​​that has achieved further growth in Pinterest, more than 5 million searches every day. Nevertheless, people speaking Spanish and worldwide, so that It is so important to get results in the correct language as do the geographical area in which you develop your activity”.

2 Spanish-speaking new accounts and translated Pinterest Blog

The searches is it so, from this latest update (If you have not already done, Update your mobile app), totally translated for the Hispanic user.

2 Spanish-speaking new accounts and translated Pinterest Blog

The objective of this functionality is not to carry out a mere translation of the contents, if not adaptation to the user and context: the new search engine will try to provide better and more relevant results to the user, so that the perceived value is greater.

Finally, in the same article we announced the creation of two new official accounts:

Pinterest MexicoMexico Pinterest

Pinterest ArgentinaArgentina Pinterest

Purpose as they tell us is to improve, provide a more appropriate context for the end user, which it is your customer, and improve as app, for learn more and better understand those users. This inspiration platform par excellence Know what hitting "by chance" is a game that cannot be allowed in business.

Not to make a great effort of memory to recall when this was not so. Beyond the demonstrable fact that is fixing Pinterest for the US market, offering all its features and functionalities exclusively on "home soil" (ads on Pinterest, augmented reality...), very recently they caused a stir among his followers. All those who have a habit of keeping abreast of their latest developments and what they post on their official websites were disappointed to see the article "What is eaten in the World? From Alabama to Australia "

This article was developed in two distinct phases:

  1. A local phase, where food and drink favorites were studied within US territory.
  2. A second phase "world" where They are trying to reflect the culinary interests in the world's major cities.

Puzzling situation that occurred when reading the chart, avalado por el texto “16 top tastes from around the World, according to Pinterest Data”, favorite dish consumed in Madrid 🙁

Puzzling situation that occurred when reading the chart, avalado por el texto “16 top tastes from around the World, according to Pinterest Data”, favorite dish consumed in Madrid :(

¿Chicken Tortilla Soup?

A quick check sources we referred to the interesting blog of the cook and Mexican blogger Karla Hernandez, Hint of spice. Interesting, extensive and well detailed, full of gastronomic and culinary opportunities… but all with real knowledge of the Spanish food, apparently.

By extrapolation without the need to devote more time to this news, itself irrelevant for restaurants, we might assume that the other data presented in the study are equally erroneous, and do not indicate any interest of end users. These are relevant, and a lot, for catering establishments, because they are your customers.

But this detail does deserve a review or, rather, a little reflection:

The studies are based on data, They are its solid base, but sources are often out of reach of small catering business. For that reason, they may be tempted to accept blindly, by sheer inability to question them. And it is that not every time the "error" or "rabbit" is as obvious as here.

Nevertheless the restaurant has other sources of more reliable data Y, especially, best suited to your business, environment, circumstances and personality:

  1. What happens in your room and lounges
  2. What it is said of them in social networks

Sometimes heeding studies is like asking the nephew's neighbor's friend your wife what it wants. A restaurant has better methods Y, I assure, much more efficient to find out.

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