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The latest developments driving the unstoppable rise to stardom of Goiko Grill


Fans top Grill We are strangers. For some reason, equally strange, one morning I got to visit the chain. In retrospect, burgers Andoni Goikoechea well they deserve some of idolatry ... To the surprise of this Galician, opened, at last, one Goiko in the 'near'. They succeeded calls.

The group of friends He expected in Santiago de Compostela, To be honest. Compostela's streets teem with crowds in winter and in summer. The cathedral and the various variants Santiago's road They remain an undeniable attraction. but Vigo, the port city par excellence of the Rias Baixas, would eventually be the location for the first establishment in the Community of Galicia. view the explosive expansion franchise, we still expect a place in the Galician capital, because to visit the hamburguesería we tragaríamos 150 kilometers and the infamous Rande Bridge toll, not in a, but twice.

In any case, we were even willing to visit Lion, where during the last April also opened a local chain, in which the only burger offered La Cazurra, which boasts some typical products of the province such as cheese Valdeón (after he had to change the Navarre Ardiona because of discontent of local public). What would be the novelty in Vigo?

We feared that offered in La Peregrina Top de Vigo it was the same as hamburger Pilgrim (Note the difference in syntax on which we deposited all our hopes and optimism); And, indeed, it was. In this way, Vigo hamburguesería shares exclusivity with the Madrid local street Santa Engracia.

The also request that, starting in three to share, because we had not had chance to try it. We complement the order, Of course, with the iconic Kevin Bacon, bestseller and flagship of the house. Juicy and flavoursome as ever.

La Peregrina, meanwhile, It was a hamburger with mild flavors and well connected. We do not know how they have done, but Padrón peppers, famous for some are hot and others do not, were all sweet and deep herbal scent. Galician cheese melts perfectly, and therefore it serves as a blanket to wrap the remaining ingredients: beef first, a salt flakes and lemon emulsion quince pomace and enhances all the flavors together wonderfully league.

Between our two visits we tried a number of developments in the menu. first Sweet Potatos, available on a limited basis as it indicated in the letter, and consisting of a handful of gently sweet potato fries dipped in salt, ideal for those looking for a Exotic flavors and contrasting alternative the usual tubers.

Letter to personalization

We tried twice Enquésame new option, that for a measly additional amount allows us to add an extra dose of unctuous cheese on our burgers. Milk derivative lovers can choose from various types: American cheese, Ardiona, goat ... But beware! It is a double-edged sword.

No doubt the good intentions of Goiko Grill with this customization option, but I must say that the letter burgers are all tremendously balanced and left to the consumer zany responsibility order may be a mistake.

The author can be defined as a diehard fan of cheese, but more than one slice of cheese centimeter grilled goat was all that was needed to destabilize creation in another case impossible to criticize: Burger became a rough plate, dry, Mealy ... I was not the only one who fell into the trap, the ability to add more cheese is a real temptation and one of us succumbed to a quantity of cheese elefantíacas proportions.

During our second visit, we are left with the desire to try andl Gordonut, the bold new fusion deluxe burger and pastries. In the local street Rosalia begin to serve that night. If only we had booked a few hours later we could have enjoyed that tasty sausage meat into a donut with icing, and soaked in the fluids of fried bacon and maple syrup.

This product, like something out of a wet dream of Homer Simpson, It is only available temporarily. Is it worth a third trip? It looks like it is, because the hashtag #GORDONUT is smoking on Twitter.

We were faithful to the slogan that promotes Gordonut, F * uck Operation Bikini. We are more than bañata and beer belly, so two other developments in the letter Goiko Vigo, a sort of freshbowls for the most concerned about the line, They were outside our tasting. This is of particular Cesar Bowl, a caesar salad with gourmet touches, and the Thai Chicken Bowl, advance to explore Asian products cut.

Located in the heart area moved, a few meters from the pier where cruise ships dock summer, focused on the core area restaurants and tapas, and a few minutes from colleges, we wish her to this place a very good commercial experience. During the inauguration was impossible to book time, and on both occasions that we visited we were just a couple of tables or three without reserve (and even these would be busy later).

Our only complaint was not having a single burger with which to boast in front of others goikoadictos Peninsula. We understand that the number of local, which it grows wildly in recent months, prevents to continue this characteristic feature of the restaurants and maintain the quality of the creations at the same time. Even so, Celtic burger that appraise ingredients Enxebre It is what we miss most in the city olívica. "Can you imagine a hamburger octopus the fair», in the car we were joking around.

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