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The advantages of making your restaurant is sustainable


This year, the main theme of World Food Day, It focuses on investing in sustainable development and food systems and a rapprochement between the field and the kitchen.

Increasingly Restaurants are turning to local producers for their raw materials and increasingly local and organic foods are finding their place in the hospitality. Here we tell you how you can help your business to adopt this new concept.

He 74% consumers would be willing to pay more for a sustainable experience in a restaurant. ElTenedor and Ecovidrio conducted a survey of more than 680 people to make known the views of citizens and hospitality professionals on the importance given to sustainability. The overall conclusion reveals that 7 each 10 He believes consumers Sustainability is a differential value in a restaurantand against its competitors.

How your restaurant would benefit by adopting a sustainable supply type?

Fruits and vegetables grown commercially are designed to withstand long distance travel. The opposite happens with local food, They are traveling a small part of that distance and maintain their appearance, flavor and nutrients, without no bioengineering.

Cards designed around seasonal products generally sold 30% plus a conventional letter. The seasonal menu also create loyal customers by creating a sense of expectation. a feeling that is generated induces ask: “What menu next time will come?”.

fresh food

Anyone with a small garden can confirm this. And not just about fruits and vegetables, most of food taste better when local and organic or They consumed in its traditional time.

Access good organic raw material is the best marketing that a restaurant can have. Advertise your new products on your social networks, teaches that new sea bass or those freshly picked mushrooms. If not, offer him before the regular menu, The exclusive sale!

Season products, best marketing

It is proven that customers love to consume food products and local organic farms or orchards, so enjoy introducing terms or locally grown fresh produce in the description of the dishes on the menu.

You'll see how these dishes are sold much more! But do not forget that Your servers are your best commercial weapon, If you do not know why your products are so amazing, They do not sell well.

They use less energy to harvest and transport, In addition, many small farms are organic and do not use pesticides, hormones or other chemicals.

If we add a reduction in environmental pollution, saving water and natural resources, we will be contributing to the decrease in soil erosion. They also help local economies, and promote synergies between the field and the kitchen.

Businesses of all kinds have gained in recent years strong environmental and social commitment with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment, conserve natural resources and promote organic food.

At the head of this "initiative" are restaurants around the world as reported, Azurmendi O Uncommon Ground. It is not easy to achieve sustainable label, sustainable or green since many requirements to be met by local on request: waste management, energy efficiency, responsible marketing or animal welfare, among others, but as we have seen, the benefits are many. Y your restaurant, Is it sustainable?, How many meets the above requirements? Otherwise you can become a target medium to long term to make your restaurant more environmentally friendly.

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