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Digital sales require reinventing the design of the new restaurants


If anyone thought that the digitization restoration business was only going to cause changes in the virtual space they occupy, I was very wrong.

Although the existing premises have no choice but to be adapted to new needs as best as possible, the construction of new restoration takes place continuously, and these They are erected with functionality in mind.

The planes of these new premises are not drawn by reference to the traditional restaurants. There have been many changes in consumer behavior, Y the digital transformation restaurants still has not stopped, so many other changes are expected in the future. A) Yes, has been, and it will be, need to reinvent the restaurant.

One of the most notable differences in the restaurants that are built is currently the space for the parking of vehicles. two opposing tendencies necessary to assess the needs of parking space are taken case by case.

On the one hand you have to use own vehicles is close to a turning point. Car sales among younger fall year after year and public transport is enhanced because of the environmental benefits it brings. A) Yes, in urban areas can not justify the allocation of a large number of places in segregated restaurants. The circumstances of the rural world are special and require more sedate study.

On the other hand, we tend to eat more meals at restaurants. Although at first this might lead to think that it is necessary to allocate more space for vehicles, this is not true for two reasons: the first is that a not insignificant percentage of the business corresponds to requests online to take away, and the second is the existence of reserve schedules are followed strictly by software management own or third party, which prevents queues forming or establishing adoption increases at peak.

Apart, waiting times have fallen heavily in recent years thanks to better production chains, better training of employees and the use of technology as autopedido kiosks and POS terminals. Moving in the way we operate has caused local diners spend less time in the classroom.

The new market takeaways, and especially home delivery food, also justifies changes are made.

General rule is now set aside a small space inside some sort of shelf or ledge where takeout containers are left waiting for the dealer to pick them up and deliver the order out.

Some of the restaurants whose turnover is mainly dominated by this type of food orders have decided separate place for accessing customers and entry using deliverers. Since the bustle experienced in the collection of orders for home delivery of food can be overwhelming and annoying for some customers, This is a winning proposition when it comes to improving the user experience and satisfaction perceived by the diner to use restaurant services in question.

He drive-thru (buy from the car) It is another element it was not unusual to see in restaurants, but it begins to be increasingly present. In case of Chipotle, which has been investing in this system without rest should suffice as an example of its implementation in the future will become less strange. Chipotle has decided to bet on this system after its pilot projects; after the results of the first quarter of the new technology strategy giant Mexican food passes through the drive-thru.

Whether as a monorail system or with multiple access lines, he drive-thru It is a nice addition for those fast food restaurants located on the outskirts of the city. Of course, the suitability of the solution depends largely on the segment or niche to which the establishment belongs: if we speak of a fancy restaurant it is clear that the drive-thru It has no reason to exist in this space.

At a recent conference attended by speakers from Google Y WD Partners was made aware of the importance assistants will in future digital purchases with physical collection (BOPIS). With brutal growth expectations, this business promises to make necessary additional renovations in restaurants so that everything works as efficiently as possible.

The optimization of the physical workspace It disclosed as one of the competitive advantages which will have restaurants located in buildings specially designed to give a modern service. Conversely, premises that are forced to operate from a sub-optimal space incur business losses sustained that will not stop unless invest the money needed to modify the layout of the different rooms restaurant.

If we look at the reforms that we have seen in recent months, as they may be made by the McDonald’s in its most visionary restaurants, It is committed to a comfortable and pleasant space that encourages the user to consume plus, and at the same time allows accommodate all new furniture It is needed in restaurants more technological implementation without impeding hallways and entrances. You just need to consider how uncomfortable it might be a kiosk autopedido in our favorite neighborhood restaurant to visualize what is to be avoided.

By last, we must consider that technological implementation will be even greater in the future. There are already a number of catering establishments using robots to serve tables camaraderie, and they work best if you have large steps to facilitate their movement.

There's still much to do, but a successful restaurant begins to be created from the first sketches of the architect. According to the executive vice president of marketing leadership and WD Partners, Lee Peterson, "We need to completely rethink how we do things. Because what is really happening right now is not working. There are bags piling up on the shelf. The restaurant has to be redesigned store to the kitchen […]. Everything has to be tested and rethought ".

And is that a new era of restoration logical imperative need for a new model of restaurant.

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