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Sales in the catering sector increased 10.000$ million US. THE.


With all the economic results of the previous year, Technomics She has published its annual report on the state of the catering sector in EE. THE.

The report, qualified Top 500 Chain Restaurant Advance Report, It shows the growth of turnover perceived by organized catering and independent restaurants in the area of ​​the United States.

Namely revenue growth is slightly over three percentage points; collected according to the market study, the sector increased 3.3%.

In absolute numbers this represents 10 000 million additional dollars. It so happens the 308 000 million to 318 000 million today.

Economic performance 2018 mark a turnaround for catering business, who had gone through a bad time in 2017 with numerous bankruptcy filings in major brands as well as a slowdown in the number of sales, If for example Starbucks He would end up being forced to compete in the Asian market to sustain growth.

However, These economic results are still far from desirable. a slowdown is still perceived with respect to growth coming industry experiencing in previous years, although it is true that this slowdown has decreased 40%, not yet experienced rapid growth.

Since we are in the paradigm shift in the way that restaurants are used, one would expect the net income in this period was magnificent. Motivated by changes in mobility, takeway, requests online, home delivery of food and drive-thru, growth is evident, but for how long?

Many of the most important brands in the industry can not make long-term forecasts. During the next five years growth should remain sustained around current values. An environment fostered by new habits of users: those listed in the above paragraph.

Given this uncertainty long term, Some companies prefer organized restoration advantageously positioned over competitors market as a business strategy.

Why is not surprising that the report made manifest Technomic also a dance between the chains occupying the top five since the 500 restaurants with higher incomes EE. THE.

A) Yes, noteworthy progress in the chain specializing in fried chicken Chick-fil-A. This brand sneaks into the top five beating two other well-known giants: Burger King Y Wendy’s. They have after scoring a landslide year with growth achieved regarding 2017 a 13.5% superior.

It should be noted this fact as well Chick-fil-A corresponds to the restaurant chain has fewer places on American soil among those listed on the top of the table.

According to officials of communication, good service is what has allowed them to break into the top five.

The remaining data presented show little variation compared to other years. McDonald’s again leads the catering sector thanks to its 13 914 Local affecting total business volume worth 38 500 millions of dollars.

A to Zaga their van Starbucks, Subway, Y Tacobell. Tail top 10 It is also made up of three other well-known brands worldwide Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s Y Panera Bread.

As for targeting niches, differences are evident in the growth rate of the different segments of the catering sector. The increase in turnover associated with casual dining is most marked by far. It is a percentage increase of eight points and a half, these foods grows 50% more tracker segment, fancy meals.

Clear examples that things are going well in casual dining restaurants are the good results obtained by Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panda Express, Zaxby’s Y Raising Cane’s.

According to some market analysts, the expertise of the restaurants during the past 2018 You do not have to do only with the drastic changes that are occurring in the business environment in which these are submerged. At the same time it takes place digital and technological transformation restaurants, a calm financial environment permeating all spheres of the economy, including perception today by the customer.

Since the greater the number of people who feel positive about the future of the economy, is also greater the number of consumers who dare to eat out. A) Yes, expected to exercise 2019 It is also positive for the world of restoration.

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