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Le Bistro FEHR wins award for its commitment to social responsibility

  • Initiatives such as Guest Chef or El Buen Café have been instrumental in achieving this recognition.
  • The awards ceremony will be held next 30 November in Toledo.

Le Bistro the restaurant has been awarded the National Hospitality Award from the Spanish Federation of Hotels (FEHR) for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Companies related to the sector of hotels and restaurants that have been submitted to this contest, Le Bistro was the winner in terms of social consciousness and the environment.

Initiatives have liked and have positioned Le Bistro at the head have been the "Guest Chef"And the proposal currently being carried out"The good coffee”. The first students encouraged hospitality Valladolid to submit their recipes and try to include them in the usual restaurant menu.

The initiative "The good coffee"It goes further and seeks to engage Le Bistro with social problems of the city. during October, NGOs and non-profit associations of Valladolid were able to submit their nominations. The resulting entity selected will receive five cents for every coffee consumed in the establishment (Capuccino Bar and restaurant area) for a year.

In addition they have also taken into account other policies promoted by Le Bistro as Zero Food Waste, specific cards for coeliacs and vegetarians and vegans, Braille letter accessible and the introduction of thermo reusable cups to reduce consumption of plastic cups.

In addition Le Bistro has agreement with the Association of Celiacs de Castilla y León (ACECALE) and is the first restaurant with distinctive tourism accessible Predif.

All this has made Le Bistro has managed to get the National Award for Hospitality FEHR for their Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

The awards ceremony will be held next 30 November in Toledo. There were also awarded prizes to the best hospitality company, the best company committed to disability, quality or the promotion of culture, among other categories.

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