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Virtual waiting list and capacity management; news of online booking portals for restaurants


The main American online booking portals (Losers, OpenTable, Yelp…) no longer operate as they did before the coronavirus crisis hit our lives. As the pandemic slowly subsides and the new normality arrives to stay with us for a long period of time, intermediary companies dedicated to order management and Reservations online for restaurants Are updated.

Capacity in restaurants is limited, and new services provided by the companies listed above and others in the same segment must clearly reflect these restrictions., not only to meet the demands that come imposed from government agencies, but also for alleviate concerns that potential customers may have.

A) Yes, since the bars of the bars are subject to new measures of social distancing, reservations that traditionally had been limited to tables now affect this part of the premises as well, being necessary to reserve space and time. This is a service that is already provided through web pages and mobile applications..

The goal is to maintain public health while diverting traffic to restaurants, that at this precise moment they experience a decrease in 48% in turnover. Order and reservation management companies are racking their brains to find solutions that stimulate the situation of the establishments for those who work, and that's why new alternatives are appearing.

One of these alternatives is the curious application of traceability that the New York company Resy has implemented. Making use of the most modern monitoring tools, the app records in real time what is the percentage of filling of the capacity of each restaurant. At a time when diners shy away from meeting with people they don't know, this system gives a clear advantage to establishments that do not receive many visits; which are, Besides, the most needy from a purely economic point of view.

Another utility that has been incorporated during the coronavirus crisis is a virtual waiting list. Thus, instead of encouraging customers to accumulate in the restaurant reception waiting for some free space, the restorer directly offers an orderly system that manages who has priority of access to the dining room in case any reservation fails.

As you can see, these new options are of great value to today's customer, concerned about possible spikes in infection and the risk of a second wave of CoV-SARS-2 with the arrival of autumn. But the contribution of virtual waiting lists and remote monitoring of capacity also serve in a scenario of complete normality: no one likes to wait in line longer than is strictly necessary and it is also not uncommon for some people to feel uncomfortable when the restaurant is bursting. The additions made by the booking portals will be appreciated now and for years to come.

Specifically, the dynamic waiting list is a concept that is expected to find a niche in the digital efforts of most restaurants.. According to statements by the director of product management at Yelp, Guang Yang, In the famous intermediary company, they think that "more and more full-service restaurants will move from the concept of traditional reservations to a concept of casual waiting lists, since it is easier to manage, reduces costs and uses tables better, which leads to an increase in profits».

The options for home delivery of food and pick-up don't stop either. En Resy to implement Resy at Home, a system for picking up orders on the sidewalk, no need to contact staff.

The result of all these developments is that the restaurants that have embraced these measures quickly have not been slow to see the benefits: They have circumvented the bulk of the spike in more relieved form and the operation of their business has been less affected by the measures of confinement and social distancing., so now they start with an advantage. In any case, it's never too late, and integrating this type of services into the mode of operation of our restaurant is always advisable.

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  1. Pedro Irizuelo on

    These systems seem very interesting for the restaurant. I've also seen another system that allows the customer to reserve their table and order their dishes in advance. Thus the diner avoids long waiting times at the table and the restaurant optimizes rotation and avoids queues waiting for free tables.

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