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blacklisting to solve the no-shows at restaurants


Who has not come to him unexpected ever has prevented us going to the restaurant where we booked? This happens to us as we were on specific occasions is the daily bread of restaurants. And in Australia, a known platform call booking online tell me, He has decided to fix.

From integrating a payment system reservation service, Tell me desde They decided to initiate the call “Black list” from diners no-show (not appeared). In this way, when a diner does not appear or canceled well in advance, It will automatically be charged a fee that can remedy this eventuality in restaurant bills.

Decrease in no-shows in restaurants

They claim in The Sydney Morning Herald, since the launch of the measure in February last year, 38.000 diners have been included in the blacklist, against the 3.159 from 2015-2016. And best of all, have already accused the benefits of this controversial decision: Platform restaurants have experienced a decline 25% in the no-shows diners.

And is that in an industry such as restaurants this problem has great economic importance. According to the founder and CEO of Dimmi, Stevan Premutico, failure to submit the reserves have an impact of 75 million in this sector in Australia and They represent about 3% of all bookings.

Anyway, Premutico explains that the blacklist is not as bad as it seems and that only applies to the restaurant where the original booking was made and lasts for one year. There is also the possibility of “cancel” this veto by the restaurant if the reasons were justified.

Premutico: “We want to eradicate no-show 2020 face″

As they told in News.com.au, received excuses for the non-appearance to reserves have reached the incredible scratch examples such as that “They had been claimed as jury” what “They thought it was a Chinese restaurant”, when they were booking an Italian. But that wore the icing was that “He had broken his knee on the way to the restaurant”, and most surprising is that this turned out to be true.

Premutico argues that with this policy objective is to totally eradicate its reserves no-show face the 2020. It seems that at the moment are on the right path, We can only hope that Australians do not become aware and are integrated in all blacklists managed by Dimmi before learning the lesson.

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