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Little Spain conquers the Big Apple again thanks to chef José Andrés and the brothers Adrià


NY, one of the most multicultural cities in the world which brings a beautiful mix of nationalities, long time, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, It also housed a large community of Spanish known as "Little Spain" between Lower East Side Y Meatpacking District.

To the surprise of some, the Spanish, together with the Italian in Little Italy, or Chinese, en China Town, It was one of the most established communities of New York from the late 1860. West street 14 They began to proliferate shops, groceries, restaurants and entertainment centers amidst the towering skyscrapers that flooded Manhattan. At its peak, They came to live more than 30.000 Spanish people, from, mostly, Northern Peninsula. In the years 80 the twentieth century was diluted to virtually disappear altogether.

Till the date, the call Spanish Benevolent Society, better known as “National”, It has been the only entity It has been busy keeping alive the flame and the memory of what was once a bit of Spain in the Big Apple. And it has served as shelter for the few survivors of what was once Little Spain and, now, organizing cultural events and offering Spanish wines at the restaurant, with which still attracts visitors curious and always find their doors open.

From March this year, National rema no longer alone, now it has a great ally that resurfaces again the Spanish soul in the city of opportunities. And he does it in a big way, hand chef José Andrés (pioneer of Spanish cuisine in the US) and brothers Adria, all of them, international benchmarks of our gastronomy who have made the Spanish gastronomic project in North America, most important to date.

Under the name of Mercado Little Spain, They have inaugurated a multi three restaurants, three bars and fifteen food kiosks spread over an area of ​​more than 3.000 square meter and ability to 1.200 Customers who has a team of 400 employees. To adapt to the hectic schedule of the city that never sleeps, It works with uninterrupted schedule.

For restaurants, They have opted for three different concepts. We start with Firewood, one of the biggest corners market offers all kinds of elaborations including grilled meats that are not lacking Basque and Asturian tradition, a delicious paellas.

We continue with Mar, focused on fish and seafood arrived from Spain, with recipes linked the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

By last, we find Spanish Dinner, whose letter have become hollow some of the most iconic creations of our cuisine like gazpacho, the garlic prawns, omelette or stew (If you want to bet on a stronger dish). For those who prefer an informal tapas, They have the option to peck in so-called kiosks.

This is different specialized stalls offering countless tapas and portions. The bar, meanwhile, It offers a version of the famous "vague omelette" Sacha, Russian salad, patatas bravas and mussels "Tiger"; positions dedicated to ham, cheese, meats and seafood (It is offering an option to buy and take home), They are ideal if you go in search of sublime quality and the best suppliers.

In the post of sandwiches and pies are classic calamari sandwich, Galician pie or muffins; the omelette offers the possibility to ask curd, at its point or undercooked; Cokes kiosk; a position churros with chocolate; another post patatas bravas served with various sauces; a fruit and vegetable salads and juices; and two dedicated to the sweet, Pastry, with all kinds of cakes and sweets and Farm, desserts with the inescapable touch Albert Adrià It is offering everything from crème brûlée, rice pudding, Santiago cake cheesecake style Vineyard San Sebastian.

To end the experience can also opt for an ice cream or sorbet cutting, both available at the ice cream. As if that were not enough, They have enabled a space that works as a shop, the Grocery Store, with food products of all kinds, like wine, olive oil, I laterío, legumes or cookbooks.

By last, Market supply is completed with three bars: bar Celona, scented vermutería, where cocktails and caps also serve; wines, is the wine bar where you can taste, by hearts, Spanish wines from the main designations of origin and some labels Jerez; Y Diner Bar, with a selection of the most typical cocktails, kalimotxos, bleedings or rebujitos that promises to become one of the busiest corners of the market as it broadcast football matches.

This impressive project rises in Hudson Yards, one of the most exclusive areas of New York that is part of the largest private real estate development in US history, with an investment of 25.000 millions of dollars. Specifically, at the foot of High Line, and the new icon of the city, Vessel, also lives with a commercial area with shops, large hotels and other renowned restaurants such as David Chang.

The already known as Mecca of Spanish cuisine and design has become the undisputed I am meeting point of the great chefs of Spanish cuisine and the choicest suppliers. As well, of the great designers and artists who have demonstrated their talent throughout spectacular design and decoration of the premises by Capella Garcia Arquitectura In collaboration with ICRAVE and artists of the stature of Javier Mariscal O Sergio Mora, responsible for the mural that adorns the entrance to the market.

In culinary terms, even though the Spanish mark has been present in North America for a long time, Thanks to this ambitious project now, brand "made in Spain" has achieved its place, reach the top. And it has achieved through this innovative and groundbreaking concept, designed to export the best of Spanish cuisine, to show a faithful version of our kitchen and to claim the expertise and wealth of Spanish culture.

Thus, not daring to assert that this impressive project that continues in the footsteps of other successful similar projects already carried gastronomic road trip as the Italian, Eataly, or French, the District Y, who have managed to expand its network throughout the Americas, will mark a before and after in understanding, prestige and enjoy our cuisine.

Thus, anyone who is passing through the Big Apple, Make a hole in your itinerary to visit Mercado Little Spain and get ready to discover the best representation of Spanish cuisine.

Be prepared to enter a dimension that is possible explore and enjoy the wonders of Spanish cuisine in every corner and to witness one of the great gastronomic and cultural highlights of the year with the greatest tribute to Spanish cuisine that continues the legacy of this small community of Spanish Rooted west street surrenders 14.

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