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Amiette arrives, the best bread without gluten, light and tasty


Sweet lanza service exclusively Amiette, brand created by experienced artists of bread with a dense background in the development and innovation of baked goods. Given the present demand, Servei Dolç offers this proposal that meets the highest quality standards, with unique products, and patented formulation process.

From the center of Research and Development Amiette working with carefully selected ingredients and controlled: certified gluten-free flours, sourdough prepared in the same workroom with organic buckwheat flour and olive oil extra virgin Arbequina olives DOP Siurana. The final product is presented in a variety of references to address the needs, Rich in vitamin B and D3, and also lactose, no soy and egg.

All references are precooked and frozen as only existing preservative, plus individually wrapped with film ovenable, avoiding possible cross contamination. Have multiple formats to taste them perfect every time: in sandwich, To accompany, with olives, or multigrain hamburger.

Sweet About Service:

Servei Dolç is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of food products midrange and high, mainly aimed at pastry, bakery and catering, both raw and prepared materials for making products, as finished products, always offering excellent service. Also it markets and distributes ingredients for ice cream parlor and has a third operating line consisting of the storage and distribution of frozen products to third parties.

Sweet service

Sweet service

Sweet service, It is a family business, currently the second generation since 26 years and represents leading brands looking to offer customers premium products. The key to success is a team of young spirit, looking forward to working, to get better, help and especially its approach to customer service. Mediterranean people, tied to the territory, the sea and the vineyards, trying to work and team both employees and suppliers of the immediate environment, a team that has his feet on the ground and is therefore close to customers, He lives and breathes the same reality.

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