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Nail polish comes KFC fried chicken that tastes


The fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known by its acronym KFC, It has dared to launch in the Chinese market one pintauñas comestible He thought for men and women, because it is that lovers enjoy the crispy chicken traditional recipe -Original Recipe- or spicy -Hot & Spicy- in your hands wherever and whenever.

Who has not sucked your fingers to make the most delicious dish taste just and that, Regrettably, And then there were crumbs? As well, that feeling of pleasure is intended to experience many times as you wish KFC Hong Kong.

With the agency Ogilvy & Mather He has devised an innovative campaign at the same time attractive, compared to what we are accustomed to the American company, Y They have begun to market nail enamels grocery, bringing the end motto “It´s Finger Lickin´ Good”, which translated would be something like “Scrumptious”.

Apply, let dry and, by last, suck

As explained creative director John Koay, “to use the nail polish consumers simply apply it and let dry, as a lacquer conventional nail, and then they can lick over and over and over again”. Yes, That's the main advantage of this groundbreaking marketing strategy to capture the public hongkonés. And is that “It is designed to intrigue, amuse and build excitement around the brand KFC in the Far East”.

In this sense, Notably the result is the same view you get with any other enamel: Original Recipe, featuring a traditional taste of chicken nuggets gives a touch of beige while with Hot & Spicy, more spicy, a rather red finish is achieved.

Develop them has not been easy. In fact, the secret formula is locked away and only has been revealed to the privileged few. What has been disclosed in charge of the campaign, Anna Mugglestone, is that recipe is composed of natural ingredients: until 11 herbs and spices have been perfectly mixed to create an unexpected product that has left more than one with mouth open and eyes wide.

This is because the marketing of edible nail polish has nothing to do with previous advertising strategies that KFC had conducted in order to strengthen its image.

advertising campaigns for franchise

The truth is that so far your ads based on specific deals to launch as Chick & Share or Tuesday Vagos, similar to what other multinationals are doing carving McDonald´s -with his My Combo-, Burger King -with its menu King Ahorro– O Telepizza -with their Tuesday Locos-. Although in recent years KFC He has already left samples of his great potential in using the imagination as far as marketing is concerned. behold 3 examples:

1.In the middle of 2015 coinciding with a tough time for the company, since this had lost ground to its direct competition, They dared to “resurrect” its founder, he Coronel Sanders, who returned from the beyond in the form of advertisement to give a push and put it in its rightful place.

2. Last summer KFC he ventured to change the English word for Vacation Fakation, a neologism used all clients who could not enjoy days off and were dedicated to plastic tablecloths photograph accompanying their menus, pretending like a “false holiday” in their social networks.

3. On the occasion of 60 anniversary of the arrival of KFC Canada, Fried chicken giant he presented Memories Bucket (Bucket of Memories). For the occasion its famous wings cubes dipped in a small shared printer capable of revealing photographs instantly transformed by a smartphone via Bluetooth. All while enjoying a delicious menu, as shown in the following video.

A media marketing strategy very

Market pintauñas Comestibles It is not a practice that you see every day between different fast food chains, why it has aroused great interest among the regular customers of the franchise; but not only in the Far East but the rest of the planet already has echoed the news and looking forward to get one of the two glazes that is for sale. Nevertheless, KFC It is not the first nor will be the last- in to market cosmetic products that are easily assimilated to the body of any person.

The Chocolate Line and lipstick flavored cocoa

Dominique person It is the ideologue of an initiative that has jeopardized the lipstick lovers and chocolate. Why? The answer is very simple: For years it was decided to merge the two, creating a labial compelling not only for taste but also for the eyes as it provides a smooth chocolate color effect.

It all started because person, owner of two chocolatiers in Belgium calls The Chocolate Line -one in Bruges and one in Antwerp- he learned that lipsticks are made with cocoa butter and decided to create one that was composed entirely of this food.

A) Yes, in addition to eating organic chocolate beneficial for health, women who use avoid eating dangerous components of conventional lipstick: The Lead, cadmium, aluminum and chromium are just some of the toxic metals found after various studies. This is so disturbing because experts worldwide indicate that a person who assiduously painted lips can get to eat throughout his life to a kilo of it.

Edible lipsticks, a product already consolidated

Bars grocery lips are not new. already 2011 the Fair Biocultura -framed in Madrid Ifema- He made available to the audience a lipstick entirely composed of natural products. As well EOS lipsticks offer a lot of flavors: cutter born, coco, etc. yes, using no harmful health components. In the same vein gift packs available are at Amazon, where no shortage of lip balms with bacon smell and taste, chips or pickled gherkins.

It is clear that in marketing KFC It has set a precedent in its beauty offering a product suitable for the health sector and the palate. It seems that the future will be free natural products chemicals. Restaurants recycled cardboard, organic foods, sustainable farms and now, healthy cosmetics. What will be next?

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