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Comes the new gastronomic solution called "Vending Solidario", Not later created by Antojo

  • AMAS Antojo, line catering AMAS Group, It gives an innovative step aimed at creating jobs for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • It is aimed at companies that want to install these vending machines to its staff of professional solidarity Savor daily food.
  • The food is presented in trays placed inside a vending machine with an offer of 20 different dishes home, nutritious and based on the Mediterranean diet.

AMAS group, organization that supports, promotes and defends the rights of people with intellectual disabilities continues in its efforts to insert into the workplace to people with intellectual disabilities. Thus, has launched a new line of selling your food it is through vending machines, vending called solidarity. Thanks to a variety of dishes, specific 20, diners can enjoy a healthy and balanced way of a Mediterranean diet while solidarity, as you will be helping to create employment of disabled workers.



"This release is another step towards labor inclusion of people with disabilities, while places the individual at a stadium with a normalized and positive vision of society towards their abilities rather than their disabilities ", – Oscar García Bernal continues, Development Director Corporate-, "Besides giving the opportunity to those companies who want to bet on this charity vending to improve its image and reputation among its employees and, Of course, to enhance its Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC) outward".

The cuisine which can be found in the vending solidarity it is varied and wide: 20 dishes by labeling with a very careful design can distinguish nutritious homemade dishes with a red label and green label bearing for those who want to take care line. Diners can read the ingredients and allergens Recipe, as well as the calories each recipe.

"Recipes with more flavor", "Dishes with less damage" or "kitchen that adds capabilities" are examples of slogans to be used in the design to be placed in both vending machines and in the same trays of food.

craving love

craving love

A little story about love Antojo

AMAS Antojo launched its gastronomic offer in June 2011 and since then more than 10.000 diners have tasted and seen firsthand the professionalism and delicacy with which each dish is made. Many companies rely when your events in this line of catering, and caring every detail to make the customer feel confidence and tranquility necessary and is only concerned to enjoy your time.

Thanks to hiring catering services AMAS Antojo, companies can comply with the Disability Act (old LISMI). In 2013 BBVA Integra received the award for innovation and professionalism of this line of catering.

About Grupo AMAS

AMAS group is an organization that supports, exerts, promotes and defends the rights of people with intellectual disabilities located in the Community of Madrid. The network of centers and services AMAS Group provides support and opportunities to more than 1.800 people with intellectual disabilities through 1.271 places in centers and 550 services, all based on the model of Quality of Life FEAPS and commitment over 750 professionals.

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