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arrive “legal simpas” the Dine & Dash, or how to pay the restaurant bill without waiting


Playing with the last remnants of melted ice cream cake while waiting for the waiters bring the account is one of the most frustrating experiences systematically suffering diners a restaurant. Neither more nor less than a 36% the foodies out and think this way.

Waiting times at restaurants They occur mainly from the arrival of the guest until you take note of your order, since the desired menu points until it is served, among the dishes they are completed and delivered the following, and from the end of the meal until payment is made.

In a recent study by research company International services Market OnePoll, in which it has been consulted 2000 adults and people 300 caterers, They reveal some interesting patterns.

First the wait time since a customer last remnants Slicing dessert and received the account is, average, from nine 9 minutes 57 seconds.

On the other hand, it suggests that he 25% diners shuffled the idea of ​​leaving the premises without pay unless they receive the bill in half an hour after having finished eating. A rude expected of this caliber has in lethal impact on local opinion about acquiring the user and is understood almost as an offense, seeing that the facility staff does not value time customers.

In fact, despite popular belief, most of the simpas They are unpremeditated. While existence of organized mafias and groups of repeat guests they do not show any shame to take advantage of a particularly vulnerable business to escaqueos is unquestionable, We also heard occasionally understandable stories.

One of the most talked about in recent times has been that of a group of friends, unable to pay by card, they had to go find an ATM. During the search they realized that if not caught the train out would soon be dumped in a town that was not hers. They ended up paying the restaurant manager a few days, providing a little extra and a written apology.

In a discussion thread Yelp entitled 'Stories simpas and how to make them "shows that many of the experiences back to crazy days of adolescence, at moments when the person was not using their full mental faculties or when the restaurant service was insulting or inattentive.

The study commissioned by Barclaycard also it shows that one of each 20 Delinquent just meals. Some professionals have indicated that the results could be biased. An anonymous user points that the incidence of simpas in your business It is closer to 0.1%.

So that, statistics offered by OnePoll must be taken with tweezers by the potential conflict of interest, since funds for the execution of the study come from Barclaycard, company expectations improve user experience and reduce waiting time at restaurants by using "invisible payments'.

This is achieved thanks to a electronic point of sale terminal (email) patented by the company, comandita to work with app Mobile Dine & Dash (literally, simpa in English).

Restaurants that opt ​​by this system (requested by a 38% users and the approval of a 67% of business owners), place a small terminal or at each table totem. This device has a code of colored lights that shows users the state in which the transaction is.

When diners are recorded in the system, the light flashes as confirmation. Since then the different orders are scoring in memory app. After the meal the user can go without further concern. The amount corresponding to the services provided It will be billed directly to existing funds in the application. Payment is executed based on a proximity sensor that detects when customers away.

Among the options is the possibility of distribute account, add a tip or use a coupon code.

The app Yours & Dash It has begun to use in the restaurant Price (Italian food franchise with more than 250 establishments UK) of Saint Martins Avenue in London on 13 of March. Dine under the name & Dash Event, the premiere of the initiative of establishment of new payment methods in the restoration has been successful, well tickets vanished in the blink of an eye. If we look at the data OpenPoll, should not surprise, Given the a 55% Restaurants users prefer not to receive any physical bill.

As opposed to more frontal methods as scorning of defaulters in social networks, as did the One Place in Mansfield (Texas), surreptitious tactics as the staff approach to try make the diner feel guilty preventively; or have an employee at the output of the local responsible for monitoring and publicizing the establishment; the use of new payment methods to reduce the number of simpas He has a great future for his low price, ability to improve the user experience and minimize wait times at restaurants.

Finish the dessert and leave the premises without his wallet even it looks like a comfortably. We just need to see if these terminals electronic point of sale extend and make our eating out less frustrating.

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