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I confess, Facebook has recommended the restaurant


Facebook knows that online searches for restaurants not stop growing, You want to participate in this content and has included criticism of hospitality businesses in your browser.

Social networks are currently the source of information that most people use. If you are planning a trip profiles we look for that city, we look at the events scheduled, the pictures, the comments, etc. We learn about the destination and if we like what we see, come on. Every time we trust more than the opinions, comments and user photos that have already been and who share in digital environments. This occurs in different areas of our lives, why Facebook, He has decided to intervene.

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Mark Zuckerberg's company is aware of the informational use that give users the social network, They have therefore decided to make things easier. His goal is a field that is on the rise: the gastronomy and the restaurants. From now on we can not only see the photos of the dishes, cometary users, We will also have to complete the gastronomic restaurants reviews. Facebook has included this option in your browser.

Thanks to the idea of ​​team Zuckerberg, now, a person before going to a restaurant will be able to read the culinary criticism from major publications without having to leave the social network. With this new option you want to avoid external links to other pages as restaurant profile find all the information. From Facebook they assure that this offers "a greater experience" to customers.

In order to make things easier for its users, the social network will have several summaries which were grouped the critics to restaurants. Another way to classify the criticism is through the number of stars that each publication give the restaurant, without forgetting the opinions of other users or photos hanging profile.

From the social network ensure that small and medium enterprises of gastronomy will further promotion as customers of these restaurants use Facebook to learn about them. According Sheryl Sandberg Facebook has more than 30 million pages of small restaurants.

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The idea of Facebook You will get a more direct communication between the restaurant and customers occur. It will be beneficial especially for use from smartphone customers: not have to leave their Facebook profile to read a good review about the restaurant you want to go eat.

Zuckerberg and his team come together in this way to numerous applications that exist on gastronomy. Here is a small list of some of the apps most used, Until now, critical to find, photos and reviews on restaurants:


Perhaps it is the most used in Spain, with millions of customer reviews from around the world Restaurant. Hoteliers follow it closely as they know that opinions greatly influence new customers looking for restaurants. Compatible for iOS, Android y Windows Phone.



Ideal to find your perfect restaurant. Also it offers up 50% discount on the letter of its restaurants. Compatible for iOS and Android.

Fork appElTenedor


It is the most visual of all app because it offers us numerous images on the restaurant menu and the place. Diners upload photos, labeled the restaurant and thus share their experience. Compatible for iOS, Android, BlackBerry y Windows Phone.



This app shows you the nearest restaurants to your location. It is very easy to use and has a very elegant design. It allows you to refine your search, comment your experience and post photos. Compatible for iOS and Android.

Diana appDiana app


It has a GeoLocator allowing us to see the nearby restaurants or even by price or type of food they have. Users define this app as the Michelin Guide applications because it has more than 71 Business million. It also lets you upload your photos and view other users. Compatible for iOS, Android y Windows Phone.


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