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Best of # ssg17 San Sebastián Gastronomika 2017 in 30 tuits


In San Sebastián Gastronomika He has gathered the best players of Basque cuisine, Spanish and worldwide. One of the best events of world cuisine, which it has held since last day 8 until the 11 October's edition 2017, with India as the lead country.

#ssg17 that has taken place at the Kursaal Palace, in what has been a real journey from traditional Indian cuisine to reach the latest culinary trends. Where they have I have seen, smell and taste tikka masala meat, curry, tandoor, and good examples of the growing avant-garde cuisine and the suggestive streetfood.


As the event has had a great impact on Twitter, we wanted to move its essence here, tweets echoing highlights. Through them, We can make a perfect idea of ​​how a strong and inspiring days have passed for everyone gastronomy.

According to the organization of the event, San Sebastián Gastronomic allows us to have, "A particular global view and while we bring exclusively to the secrets of regional and religious kitchens ignored, the great dishes of the royal palaces, the monumental historical recipes, to culinary hybridization with the West and, of course, the new Indian cuisine, fruit of the encounter between an ancient tradition and the last avant-garde movements ".

On the first day of San Sebastián Gastronomika Several things happened. He Gueridón Gold Award San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country the best professional room was for Louis Villeneuve Hôtel de Ville restaurant, Lausanne, Jose Pitu Roca had an outstanding speech in which he protested against the long hours, and he claimed the service in the room.

If Monday teamwork was claimed in restaurants, Tuesday was the day the product and the 'terroir', with new interesting presentations and participation Ivan Surinder, Tandoor Restaurant Barcelona, guest country this year.

The 30 tweets highlights # SSG17

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