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50 tuits that summarize the best ideas “The restaurant in the Digital Age” del Basque Culinary Center


One of the most important meetings of the year around the digital transformation of the restaurants has been made in the Basque Culinary Center. the day “The restaurant in the Digital Age” has put together for the occasion the best chef in the world; Ferran Adrià and innovation expert in the sector of hotels and restaurants Diego Coquillat, Director of the digital newspaper.

Both have offered two conferences which began the day entitled "The user experience in the digital age" Y "What it is restoration 4.0?” respectively, then give way to a series of roundtables which involved some of the most important actors in digitizing the Spanish hotel industry such as Eva Ballarín, Alex Fresneda, Marta Fernandez Guadaño, Angel Madrona Rubio, Juan Ignacio Diaz Bidar, josean Alija, Borja Beneyto, Amaia Lopez de Heredia, Najera Ortiz, Mara Balestrini, Beatriz Romanos, Ivan Cayuela, Marc Guerrero, Daniel Pina, among others.

They have been leaving pills throughout the day on various social networks, with Special mention of the activity carried out on Twitter, where #hashtag #RestDigital It has come to position itself among the national Topic Trendic several times.

“The restaurant in the Digital Age”

We wanted to summarize this event The highlight has offered "The restaurant in the Digital Age" on Twitter. Undoubtedly serve to stay with the main ideas and find out where new trends are going in the coming months in all matters relating to the digitization of hospitality.

After a sector seen in this day and analysis of the leading experts in communications technology and the catering industry, must be in contact with las latest technological trends, aiming to revolutionize the experience offered to the user.

The best tweets of the day “The restaurant in the Digital Age”







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