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The latest la carte restaurants: Customize your menu


Can you imagine dining in a store, a helipad or a spring? They are unconventional sites to locate a restaurant and, Nevertheless, Dinner Lab He has managed to turn them into the fashionable place to share a meal with friends, partner or family and, even, customize your own menu.

The initiative was presented initially as a makeshift restaurant by "some hungry guys with no nightlife options in New Orleans", as described on their own website. Several years of work, sacrifice and some other mishap has led them to become what they are now: a claim within the community foodie North American.

The first steps were little encouraging Dinner Lab. August night customers came just eighteen 2011 a local with cutlery out of a nearby house efforts and in the makeshift kitchen was falling apart literally, the roof collapsed repentinamente-. A final setback that made the drivers of the idea consider the situation. In the words of general manager Brian Bordainick, "We thought maybe it was a sign that we should not be doing this".

But in July 2014, everything changed when they launched the organization of private events, counting as the first multinational client with Google. Gradually they were making a name in the market based banquets such as the 'White Wedding' Solange Knowles, older sister Beyonce. And that's how they got the success they enjoy now, having become a must alternate between the world-hipster looking for new dining experiences.

Dinner Lab system is simple. First, it is necessary to join this culinary community through the "Contract" section that appears on your website. Once events are prepared, the user will receive email every dinner menus to choose between options and purchase the ticket the one you like best. With the book already formalized and only one day before, customer communicates the exact location of the appointment, also via e-mail. Given all these steps, It is only present in the local shift, provide the name on the door and enjoy dinner, without forgetting the subsequent valuation, something that special emphasis from the organization.

Chefs also have a say in this project. Through its own section on the website, Chefs Dinner wishing to join Lab can register the same way as the rest of the user community, with the addition of having to send a sample menu. Upon receipt of the request, Dinner Lab team is contacted with the chef to adjust your menu to the requirements of the public and so we can work closely with other employees assigned day. After the event, the cook will have the opportunity to travel around the country to participate in any of the various dinners organized, as long as the comments of diners on taste and creativity of the menu, and overall experience have been positive.

Now, all this know them little by the "hungry guys" New Orleans, so they have decided to engage in an innovative gastronomic adventure. What initially it arose as a new way of understanding where comer, now wants to change the what comer. As part of the US criticism, Dinner Lab's future going to open a restaurant where the customer previously choose your menu, in order to enjoy the best of going to a restaurant without giving up the possibility of Choice that allows you to eat at home.

Nowadays, citizen participation is the order of the day and more and more people who have influence in areas that previously had not had such unlimited access as far. That's why it's so predictable success of the new venture Dinner Lab, in which the client not only has the word at the time of choosing the place, but has power to decide he wants to taste the dishes at each meal.

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