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Lola Market, the solution for the weekly shopping


The web allows you to combine traditional and super fresh buying in one order. The 100 half euros cart show that Lola's Market the preferred solution for the weekly shopping home.

"We buy for you". Under this slogan, and a personal shopper you choose the best products and freshest cuts, Lola Market has positioned itself as the online platform to do the weekly shopping.

Lola Market It offers a quality service in the online purchase of food products, while allowing to make the purchase in supermarkets, traditional markets and neighborhood stores so the customer has a wide selection of outlets for your weekly or monthly purchase.

Alone 12 months after its creation, The platform already has more of 250 establishments adhered in Madrid and Barcelona They are offering to buy your products through its online shopping system.

Since this form, Lola Market has become the solution for consumers who want to buy supermarkets and fresh produce, but they do not have time to do it themselves.

How does it work

The client connects to www.lolamarket.com or access from mobile applications, enter your zip code finder selects delivery and shops where they can make the purchase. Once the online purchase the customer can select the time slot that suits you. After, a personal shopper speed will select the best quality fresh produce and deliver a delivery order in just 1 hour from the start of purchase or at the time preferred by the customer.



This service is represented by Mr. humming bird, a gentleman bodied man and head hummingbird. In order to associate the brand with concepts such as speed and efficiency, Market Lola choose this bird as its hallmark since it is the fastest bird on the planet.

Nevertheless, Mr. Hummingbird is not only the corporate image of Lola Market, it is also the personal shopper most experienced market. He himself is responsible for coordinating all shoppers Lola Market has spread supermarkets and train them to be as effective as possible in their work.

Expansion plan and national and international growth

The company plans an ambitious expansion plan nationally and internationally. Its target for 2017 It is to establish its business model in major Spanish cities and even openings arises in other countries.

With a monthly growth rate of close to 40%, Lola Market has established itself as the industry reference platform in Spain.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



    • hello Lorenzo! We are glad you like the web. Definitely, this seems to be “the future of the weekly shopping” We look forward to its evolution! regards!

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