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The 10 commandments of the New Hospitality


If at the beginning of the decade 2010 We predicted the need to professionally manage Restaurants and the changes that were coming…..WE WERE WRONG. The changes of the past decade were remarkable and required the professionalization of many hospitality artisans to become entrepreneurs, but the real change was yet to come. I already notice Diego Coquillat that the decade 2020 it would be the revolution of the sector that led us to an unknown horizon.

If in the decade 2010 we live an EVOLUTION hospitality, in the current decade –Covid19 through- we live the REVOLUTION where, once finished, the past will no longer be recognizable.

The 10 commandments of the New Hospitality

The new roadmap -the “10 commandments "- that govern these years in which we live son, in our opinion:

1.- You will reinforce the Positioning of your Business and your own brand above all things. You will have very, very clear what you offer and for whom you offer it. Coffee for everyone no longer works.

2.- You will manage professionally your business with foresight, strategy, good managerial spirit and impeccable management.

3.- You will open your mind to observe your surroundings, to respect the competition and value the opportunities that changes and new consumers offer. You will not remain anchored in "the usual" "what I like everyone likes" and "that is useless" (in this case out of shame to admit that you do not understand it or do not want to make an effort in it). Be careful not to prepare for a world that no longer exists.

4.- You will digitize your business and its management from the first to the last detail.

5.- You will know that restaurants will be Experiential or Omnichannel and you will assume the limitations of each model as you decide.

6.- You will know that your clients they no longer cook and what they need your services to always eat delicious and sometimes look for a special experience.

7.- You will observe With respect to all food businesses as your competition. You will know that the "hospitality" is already integrated with supermarkets, service stations, digital shipments, primary production, etc.

8.- You will know that developments technological and the robotics they are already part of the sector's value chain and that you can join them or end up perishing for not being able to compete against them.

9.- He delivery is the No Cook business and its number of users will not stop growing, grow up, grow up…and you can benefit from it or stay out. Your customers will be everywhere or nowhere.

10.- You will need training and help from professionals to get out of your vicious circles and evolve

PD: And you should do it without exhausting yourself and maintaining a happy balance between your professional and personal life., running the restaurant without the restaurant driving you.

And another day we talked about the hotels and, in general, of the tourism industry. Hotels have not only sold beds for years. The new hotel challenges have to do with meeting the needs of a customer that has changed and who wants a more flexible and integrated service.

About the Author

I was practically born behind the bar of a bar and I was behind her for many years (and even traffic as I can). lifelong learning from and to the office. Now I am dedicated to help hoteliers improve their profits by improving the management of its #restaurantes and innovating concepts. I specialize in restaurant chains that need to professionalize and look to the future


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