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The 10 commandments of social networks for a restaurant

Any activity you make is based on a series of rules. If you practice sport, You know you need to stretch before starting, wear comfortable clothing and use proper footwear. Could you do it without these elements? And, but you risk injury.
In your restaurant insurance that also apply daily. A new dish requires creating a escandallo, in the tables cutlery are placed in a particular way or to terminate the service, the kitchen must be spotless for the next day. This series of standards They help us to perform daily tasks with a specific order, thus avoiding possible errors that involve, in the best case, lost money.
He marketing one redes sociales I could not be less. To create a marketing strategy, there are rules. When SEO work on your website, there are other. To create Facebook Ads campaigns, as well. Because, it is essential to know and thus have a short “guide” help you in your daily work.

10 sacred commandments for social networks a restaurant

1. You will optimize your profiles

If you have not yet done, take a few days for review. Check the URL of your Facebook page, upload your menu or wine, updates the information in your profile, use the right keywords are relevant to these searches, etc. all the information you provide about your business will help users to contact you and to be more easily “findable”.

2. You do branding on all things

Use your logo as your profile picture, but do not forget to also add to the cover photo. Remember to include your logo and corporate colors in each and every one of the publications you make. You dotarás your communications homogeneous visual line and your brand will be more recognizable to your users in the offline world.

3. You often you will publish

You can not let your nets into oblivion. Remember to publish daily content channels you use within your Social Media Marketing Strategy. There is no specific formula for the number of publications and schedules, and it depends on the industry, you sell the product and the audience you're headed, but a general guideline could be: 3 tweets, 2 Facebook posts, 2/3 post and Instagram + 1 Stories, and if you have a blog, minimum 2 articles each month.

4. You will share only good quality images

Leave aside the pixelated images, focus or very dark. We live in an era 100% visual, where the quality of images and videos is essential. Worth investing some time and money to get them, as it will help us to strengthen our image in front of users, also getting more interaction

5. You humanizarás your communications

Do not use your social profiles like simple display cabinets. We like to see your dishes, and, but also your team. Your followers are people and as such identify more with a waiter with a lasagna. You can always combine 2 concepts: shows your lasagna, but not on a table, but in the hands of your Maître or your chef.

6. Honor your authenticity

All you apart is your authenticity. You do not try to be like other You and only you! Share your expertise with users without abusing SPAM. Nobody wants to follow only brands that advertise themselves.

7. You premiarás your faithful

Your community also expects something from you. They give you their time, Your opinion, its recommendations… Now your turn to give back some of that involvement. A good way to start is to create discounts and exclusive promotions just for them. Not forgetting the contests and sweepstakes, also scope and interaction will generate free.

8. You monitorizarás all conversations

It is important that you track the talk of your brand in social networks. Detects new sources of conversation where interact with your customers and address any complaints you have not come directly.

9. You will be patient with the results

The magic does not exist. It is very difficult to make your mark on viral overnight. It raises real goals, measurable and easy to reach medium and long term.

10. You will have fun

Always you have opportunities to spend bad day. Do not do well when using social networks. If you can not have fun with this job you need to ask yourself the delegate an external agency.
following these 10 commandments not go to heaven, but if you They will help you turn your restaurant into a reference Amen!
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