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The 10 DiegoCoquillat.com best articles on 2017


From the digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat.com want welcome the 2018 taking stock the best that has left us the year ending. An exercise in memory and reflection that will help us lay the foundations of knowledge acquired on the digital transformation restaurants, a leading concept for the period ending, Y essential for the coming years.

For this reason we wanted to collect the best published last year at least those who have generated more impact on our readers and followers articles or. All of them together show us a perfect radiography of the state where the restaurant sector is and hospitality from the viewpoint of digitizing.

We hope you enjoy this selection the most outstanding content our newspaper 2017.

DiegoCoquillat.com best published articles over the past year

1.- 10 Examples of marketing campaigns that work for restaurants


2.- 40 Restaurant movies you should not miss any chef or cook


3.- What is the dress code to work in hospitality?

el-code-of-dress-suited to-work-is-what-in-the-hospitality

4.- 5 keys to set prices in a restaurant


5.- The best branding proposals for restaurants


6.- The 15 essential apps for restaurant manager


7.- Restaurants must raise prices


8.- 5 Tricks to optimize the letter of your restaurant


9.- The "medical method" for designing restaurants


10.- "The main management habits that guarantee success to a restaurant"

Habit-de-gestion-para-un-restaurant-de-successMarketing, social networks, locker room, prices, management, letters, menus, etc., everybody those important elements that make up the daily life of any restaurant business They have been treated in our online newspaper.

In DiegoCoquillat.com we want all the agents related to the hospitality industry, gastronomy and find a space tourism knowledge, inspiration and training to take infinite ideas. We hope that all these contents have helped you in your business and do not miss the contents of this 2018 because surely it will be exciting in the restaurant industry.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.


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