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The 10 best WordPress plugins for restaurants


Every time we are more restaurants that use WordPress to manage your website or blog. Within this content management system we can enjoy several plugins O widgets facilitating work and allow us to enhance the benefits already offered their services.

In this collection we offer you some of the highlights that can make your restaurant is at the forefront reserves, cards and payment methods:

1.- FoodPress Restaurant Menu & Reservation Plugin

Is the plugin ideal for managing all types of content related to the letter of your restaurant, You can distribute types of categories for every moment of the day (breakfast, food, snack or dinner), customizable cards with the image in high definition products and includes a section reservation.

2.- Accura Food Menu WP

Accura Food Menu WPCodecanyon

Now the menus and design charts are at our fingertips with this plugin, adapted for all devices thanks to its responsive design, with the possibility of creating labels to better organize the types of meals and a very intuitive interface.

3.- WP Restaurant Manager

WP Restaurant ManagerDesignsrazzi

One of the most comprehensive is the "WP Restaurant Manager" that offers a calendar with reserve management, notifying new email or SMS, and customizable fields for creating such reserves. does not miss any provision in this area.

4.- Food and Drink Menu

Would you like to have a beer menu Irish style? Do you have a cheesecake that deserve a background of letter? One of the plugins more customizable, If we talk about design, because it allows almost trace the millimeter letters made for cafes, bars and all kinds of restaurants who want to make good design their hallmark, your templates can be tailored to your taste and no product is no longer wishlist.

5.- WPPizza


Designed for delivery service more agile and flexible pizzas, its use is so widespread that it has reached conquer distributors of other products such as hamburger and sandwich shops etc.. A tool that lists all your business online the easiest way with a couple of clicks. Classification schedules, distribution distribution by category and many topics available.

6.- Quick Restaurant Menu Plugin

Quick Restaurant Menu PluginWordPress

If anything characterizes "Quick Menu Restaurant" it is the ease of use and visual quality in the outcome. It is most appropriate if you want to choose from some letters already created of which only you modify price and image. Its easy to hide menus that do not want to show at certain times of the year and its programming viewing product depending on the time of day, make it an excellent choice.

7.- WordPress Ultimate Restaurant Menu Maker

Wordpress Ultimate Restaurant Menu MakerCodecanyon

With "Ultimate Restaurant Menu Maker" enjoy 7 predefined menus that can be modified to our liking. It is plugin It has translated into several languages ​​and automatically creates suggestions for describing the dishes. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is incompatible with SEO ultimate.

8.- Open Table

Reservation forms have never been so easy to manage as "OpenTable", the widgets it offers are highly customizable since one of their big guns to integrate stocks restaurant diners with a schedule attached to “Google Calendar” to provide information on all devices.

9.- books – A booking plugin por WordPress


Power "Booki" has no limits, if already not missing any important benefits in terms of reserves, also it offers the opportunity to create special and personalized coupons for specific diners, keeping a history with all bookings made in WordPress and records customer payments via the booking form thanks to its integration with Paypal.

10.- ResRes

ResReswpmay is

By last, "Resres" helps you close past days and confirmed bookings. Its interface lets you sort the different types of food "drag and drop" in the registration form. Control and customization of emails that handle reservations is possible through integration with Mailchimp, that allows you send campaigns through e-mails to inform your customers of the events that take place in the restaurant.

And you, What you use in your restaurant? Would you recommend us any? Tell us your experience with plugins de WordPress.

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Specialized Computer Systems, passionate about all the advances in web development, curious tireless technology, happy to pack my bags and traveling to sample dishes from every land, I also travel by imagination when I immerse myself in a good book or video game.



  1. Thank you very much for the contribution, Josep.

    Is it possible to integrate any of these plugins (or some other) with a platform other than Mailchimp? I use GetResponse and I would be interested to know a plugin that would allow this provider to integrate email marketing to improve email marketing campaigns for my clients.

    Thank you very much!

    a greeting

    • Hello Paco! Thank you very much for your comment. I can think of four interesting plugins to integrate, like me you comment, with a platform other than Mailchimp:
      -GetResponse Integration.
      -GetResponse Footer SlideUp.
      -Contact Form 7 AutoResponsder.
      -Ninja Popups.
      I hope my answer has been able to serve. And tell me! regards. 😉

  2. Good Morning.

    I am looking for a plugin that has the option for the user to update the menu of the day in a very simple way, without modifying the design.
    For example upload an excel file or something and update it on the web

    It's possible?

    Thank you very much and greetings

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