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The 10 US top restaurants in Instagram


The impact of Instagram in this last year it has been unstoppable, about 130 million active users worldwide publishing a 45 million photos a day, which has allowed it to be the fastest growing social network among major brands.

Restaurant chains in United States have detected this trend and many have increased their activity in their profiles Instagram. They are using it in a very interesting way, And also to greet and personally thank assisting customers upload photos, engage in talks to determine the degree of satisfaction of these, getting valuable information.

Independent restaurates are also promoting the use of Instagram estre customers, inviting them to upload photos of the dishes with the aim of achieving a collaborative letter to serve as a visual reference for new customers, one example is the article published under the title “5 Steps to create a restaurant menu on Instagram”.

Even in Spain, a few months ago, which it is currently considered the best restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca, It lent itself to a contest through Istragram

To demonstrate the reality of Instagram in American restaurants I share with all my readers a ranking that I find particularly interesting.

It is made from photos uploaded to Instagram by customers who geolocalizan in the restaurant, that is to say, all customers who have been in the restaurants and have decided to share a photo with your community of followers, are not open profile pictures on Instagram by the restaurant. This gives a social character and demonstrates the enormous engagement of this social network.

Instagram for restaurants

If you want to see the rest of the ranking you can enter the following link :

Ranking US restaurants in Instagram

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