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The 10 best "selfieccinos" Instagram


We were absolutely petrified when at the end of last week, we read in la Vanguardia on the latest fashion or foodie trend that will sweep 2018. January is the month of predictions, and as we think we know everything that will happen and succeed in this year, we hasten to show the world through listings trends.

Nevertheless, This new trend has surprised us because it combines two concepts so far quite distant. Los selfies, Y cappuccino. Its about “selfieccino”, cappuccino cafe where customers can get an image to your choice sobreimpresionada.

this wonder He was born in a cafe in London, The Tea Terrace Oxford Street and it charges 7,5 pounds something over 8 euros- preparing coffee.

In a few days, last December, They managed to sell more than 400 cups, also achieving a specific hashtag was created, which We wanted to save the best images.

These are the most delicious "selfieccinos" Instagram

The truth is that this trend, although it has managed to put together two concepts that were not related to excess, such as selfies and coffee, If you have found its proper place in Instagram, a social network that loves equally the selfies pictures, Coffee and photos.

We will continue to pay attention to this new trend to see if, as some have already been quick to say, the tendency to sweep in 2018 in restaurants and cafes. We will be pending.

The 10 best "selfieccinos" Instagram

Selfieccino :coffee: #capuccino #selfie #selfieccino #holland

A shared publishing Timo Swinnen (@timo_swinnen) he

#Selfieccino #theteaterrace #london #houseoffraser

Una publicación compartida de Kazimierz Struzik (@kazimierzstruzik) el

Greetz from the UK #selfieccino #theteaterrace #London #oxfordstreet #oxford #christmasshopping

Una publicación compartida de B C-Rious (@bcrious) el

I got myself a #Selfieccino finally. Had to find what the buzz is all about. Ended up going to the @theteaterrace at @houseoffraser fifth floor. The #cafe offers #food and #desserts but we only tried #coffee with our faces on it. I was very impressed to see the result and it was fascinating but I don’t think I would visit again as the coffee itself disappointed and the service was below par. I think one should go to check this out as something new – digital version of creating #latteart but that’s about it. To rate this as a #coffeeshop : Coffee: 4/10; Ambience: 6/10; location; 7/10; overall: 5.5/10 #londoncoffeeshop #latte #espresso #macchiato #londoncafe #coffeelove #loveforcoffee #caffeine #huntforcaffeine #kayffeine #cupsofcoffee

Una publicación compartida de Coffee Bloke (@thecoffeebloke) el

#selfieccino #theteaterrace #breakfasttime #aliceinwonderland

Una publicación compartida de Julie Cottereau (@youlieyouyou) el

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