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The 100 Spanish favorite restaurants in 2019


One more year, ElTenedor, Reservations leading platform in Europe He has developed the TOP100 2019, which it has already become one of the gastronomic events in our country and reference for thousands of foodies, which they are the end which book through the app, taste the restaurant and think, having the last word when it comes to identifying the best restaurants of the year.

ElTenedor, which already has more than 19 millions of views, It has taken into account in the preparation of this ranking different criteria such as grades obtained by the restaurants during this 2019, the volume of views during this year, visits to the page of the restaurant, generated reserves, and references in other guides local and national prestige. In this way, the TOP100 restaurants are also part of the selection INSIDER ElTenedor, which highlights the best restaurants of the time including 60% awarded by the Michelin Guide Spain.

Pepe Rodriguez, Chef de El Bohio and Jury TV program MasterChef, "We are proud to appear among the 100 Restaurants favorites of ElTenedor, especially because the list make diners themselves who come to taste our food, to know our room, to enjoy El Bohio, and his opinion is important to us”.

This year's ranking is well distributed throughout the country, appearing in it all but three autonomous regions. While El Bohio, Illescas (Toledo), is the favorite restaurant of the year, Madrid is the city with the highest number of restaurants in the list (17) Catalonia and the Community more represented (21).

Top 100 Restaurants ElTenedor 2019

  1. El Bohio– Illescas, Castilla la Mancha
  2. Gazebo Amos- Villaverde de Pontones, Cantabria
  3. Portal Echaurren- Ezcaray, The Rioja
  4. Jewish house– Santander, Cantabria
  5. Ca l'Enric- La Vall de Bianya, Catalonia
  6. the Boscana– Bellvis, Catalonia
  7. Martin Berasategui- Lasarte-Oria, Basque Country
  8. koy Shunka – Barcelona, Catalonia
  9. The Corral de Indianu by José Antonio Campo Viejo - Arriondas, Asturias
  10. Roots - Carlos Maldonado- Talavera de la Reina, Castilla la Mancha
  11. Maruja Limón by Rafa Centeno – Vigo, Galicia
  12. skylight- Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), Catalonia
  13. Madrid home by Martin Berasategui – Madrid, C. Madrid
  14. Kitchen Hermanos Torres– Barcelona, Catalonia
  15. castle Peralada- Peralada, Catalonia
  16. Nova- Orense, Galicia
  17. Rampart by Oscar Garcia- Soria, Castilla y León
  18. Rincon de Diego by Diego Campos – Cambrils (Tarragona), Catalonia
  19. Estragon - Sant Antoni, Baleares
  20. El Error- The Nucia, C. Valenciana
  21. the Bistroteca – Madrid, C. Madrid
  22. Bagá – Jaén, Andalusia
  23. Molino de Alcuneza - Siguenza (Guadalajara), Castilla la Mancha
  24. Arzuaga workshop by Victor Gutierrez - Quintanilla de Onesimo (Valladolid), Castilla y León
  25. Oria– Barcelona, Catalonia
  26. Juan Carlos Ferrando Restaurant – Logroño, The Rioja
  27. Raúl Resino– Castellón, C. Valenciana
  28. El Doncel by Enrique Pérez - Siguenza (Guadalajara), Castilla la Mancha
  29. The Lightning - El Palace Barcelona – Barcelona, Catalonia
  30. as n'Ignasi– Inca, Baleares
  31. RiFF by Bernd H. Knoller– Valencia, C. Valenciana
  32. Terreta Gatrobar– Alicante, C.Valenciana
  33. La Salgar by Esther&Nacho Manzanoin - Gijón, Asturias
  34. Pur - Nandu Jubany – Barcelona, Catalonia
  35. The Alberto - A Coruña, Galicia
  36. Taberna of Lillas Pastia – Huesca, Aragon
  37. Buenavista cabin by Pablo González- El Palmar O Lugar De Don Juan, Murcia
  38. La Finca by Susi Diaz – Elche (Alicante), C. Valenciana
  39. Gastrovía 61 hotel Mayorazgo – Madrid, C. Madrid
  40. dream Restaurant & Coctelería – Hotel The One – Barcelona, Catalonia
  41. Taberna López – Segovia, Castilla y León
  42. El Viejo Almacen Buenos Aires– Madrid, C. Madrid
  43. dear Margaret – Santander, Cantabria
  44. Arrayán – Madrid, C. Madrid
  45. Witty – Hotel The Wittmore – Only Adults – Barcelona, Catalonia
  46. Ma Khin Cafe – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  47. Kshlkbul– Madrid, C. Madrid
  48. Boro Restaurant - Amorebieta Etxano (Vizcaya), Basque Country
  49. Casa Marcial by Nacho Manzano- Arriondas, Asturias
  50. Casa Manolo León – Sevilla, Andalusia
  51. Penthouse by Ramon Freixa - The Principal Madrid – Madrid, C. Madrid
  52. Retama – Torrenueva (Real city), Castilla la Mancha
  53. Studio Miramar – Hotel Miramar – Barcelona, Catalonia
  54. Bangalore – Madrid, C. Madrid
  55. Montmartre 1889 - Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques – Madrid, C. Madrid
  56. Fonda Spain by Martin Berasategui - Hotel Spain – Barcelona, Catalonia
  57. Café de Oriente– Madrid, C. Madrid
  58. Canvas – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  59. La Rotonda - Hotel The Westin Palace Madrid – Madrid, C. Madrid
  60. Carmen Aben Humeya – Granada, Andalusia
  61. Dos Cielos Madrid Javier Torres – Madrid, C. Madrid
  62. Ikaitz - Donostia / Sebastián, Basque Country
  63. Salita de Begoña Rodrigo– Valencia, C. Valenciana
  64. Pappa Sven – Barcelona, Catalonia
  65. the Sainete – Madrid, C. Madrid
  66. the Tomasas – Granada, Andalusia
  67. Corner of the Marquis - Hotel Palacio de Villapanés – Sevilla, Andalusia
  68. La Jara – Salamanca, Castilla y León
  69. Baalbec – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  70. Manolete House Bistrov - Cordoba, Andalusia
  71. Deliranto – Salou (Tarragona), Catalonia
  72. Tobiko – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  73. Azahar - Hospes Las Casas El Rey de Baeza – Sevilla, Andalusia
  74. Los Patos - Hospes Palacio de los Patos – Granada, Andalusia
  75. Cabañal – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  76. Meson de Candido – Segovia, Castilla y León
  77. Ampar - Hospes Palau de la Mar – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  78. brother Restaurant – Bilbao, Basque Country
  79. Beak & Trotter – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  80. San Fernando – Hotel Alfonso XIII – Sevilla, Andalusia
  81. Speakeasy – Barcelona, Catalonia
  82. Eight– Málaga, Andalusia
  83. Pepito– Barcelona, Catalonia
  84. the Xiringo – Barcelona, Catalonia
  85. Can Brondo - Palma de Mallorca, Baleares
  86. Coco & Bibi– Zaragoza, Aragon
  87. El Albero – Toledo, Castilla la Mancha
  88. Bernarda – Sevilla, Andalusia
  89. Aragon Palafox – Zaragoza, Aragon
  90. Tribute Embers Bar – Valencia, C. Valenciana
  91. Carmen Water– Granada, Andalusia
  92. Fondillón - Hospes Amérigo – Alicante, C. Valenciana
  93. manor Sevilla – Sevilla, Andalusia
  94. Tula – Jávea (Alicante), C. Valenciana
  95. El Tormo – Madrid, C. Madrid
  96. One hundred Globo Sushi Room – Madrid, C. Madrid
  97. Tata – Barcelona, Catalonia
  98. Asia Gallery – Hotel The Westin Palace – Madrid, C. Madrid
  99. Antigua – Barcelona, Catalonia
  100. Rubaiyat Madrid – Madrid, C. Madrid

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