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The 15 best restaurants in the world in train stations


Enjoy a high quality menu it is already possible in some of the stations most modern and beautiful train in the world: highlight Netherlands, France, Germany, Turkey, U.S, Japan and of course Spain.

Travelers from around the world begin to play an important role in the move, They stop being mere passengers to become customers. This is how famous restaurants have crossed the railway and installed hundreds of stations throughout the whole geography.

The goal is clear: make the wait seem less time thanks to a high quality food sandwich archiconocido away and invite the customer to escape for a moment of stress and hurry to catch a train involved in a very pleasant atmosphere. Then, we will talk 14 countries and many other stations that would not be a problem having to be there longer than expected; because in some as Midi Brasserie, Brussels, There are even dance.

1.- Mercantile Dining & Provision (USA)

Based in Denver´s Union Station -U.S-, It is the result of the union between two known restaurants conducted by the chef Alex Seidel. It is divided into two: on one side is a supermarket where meat products are sold and the other is a restaurant where a lot of dishes are offered: pasta, squid in ink, Spanish octopus, crispy chicken and roast lamb shoulder are some examples.

2.- San Pablo de Buceite (Spain)

The restaurant San Pablo de Buceite, Jimena de la Frontera -Cádiz-, It is ideal to visit at any time of year: in summer, the stone keeps the cool atmosphere and in winter the fire in the fireplace makes it a cozy place. The menu price is affordable and among its most popular dishes are the mushrooms, stuffed ham croquettes or spinach and various lids. as an accompaniment, you can order a wine from the region.

3.- Gilbert Scott (England)

Until 2011 London was not contemplated the idea of ​​tasting quality food at a train station. Arrival of Gilbert Scott a St. Pancras It was greeted with jubilation by many, especially when knowing that served local food like chicken Cornish, Rabbit, pie prawns or grilled sea bream.

4.- Le Train Bleu (France)

Located in Lyon Station, Paris, It is famous worldwide for bringing more than a century open. Although it has been recently renovated, It preserves the essence that captivated Salvador Dali, Coco Chanel, Colette, Marcel Pagnol, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Gabin are Jean Cocteau. The Blue Train characterized by a noble atmosphere in even small details are taken care. dishes of French cuisine ranging from served him 35 and the 46 euros. The full menu is priced 65 euros, while adapted for travelers it is in 48 euros.

5.- Brasserie Nala (Belgium)

In the Midi station, Brussels, It is one of the biggest brasseries in Belgium. It was designed by Antoine Prieto, who has given a modern Baroque style. It features an oyster bar, area cocktails and, Unbelievably, a dance floor. The menu, about 20 euros, It includes classic dishes like asparagus, shrimp or smoked salmon.

6.- 1e Klas (Holland)

Situado and Central station, Amsterdam, is a suitable restaurant for those who love nature; while its decor is full of pictures depicting wildlife, all kinds of flowers and may even be some other tree. It has wooden walls and an extremely high ceiling. their menu, as varied as cheap, It allows travelers to have breakfast by 6,50 euros and eat for less than 30.

7.- Vytas (Italy)

One of the most popular restaurants in Rome is the VYTA, en Termini Station, precisely because you can only find at the train stations of Milan, Turin, Naples and Venice -for the moment-. Under a luxurious appearance, modern and a bit dark hide incredible prices: cafes for euro, pizzas and delicious paninis three four.

8.- Crystal (Switzerland)

It straddles 3.454 meters high, in the Swiss Jungfraujoch, on the highest railway station in Europe. its restaurant, Crystal, It has a unique view thanks to its impressive windows. It is an elegant at the same expensive, because it has a restaurant specializing in local cuisine menu in which you need to pay up covered.

9.- Zanetti Eis (Germany)

In the Berlin Central Station is one of the most unique European restaurants. Sausage with curry sauce or baked potatoes are very recurrent dishes that can be enjoyed both inside dining room or on the terrace of the enclosure qualified to do so. But his specialty is sweet: cakes, cakes and, especially, multiple ice cream flavors and colors. The only downside is that the labels are written in German.

10.- Järnvägsrestaurangen (Sweden)

Based in East Station Stockholm from 1932, It is very famous among locals, who come to him even if they have to catch a train. The cuisine served is typically Swedish and it was not a vegetarian menu is contemplated. Each dish comes out about 9 euros and are renewed every day.

11.- To Treno Sto Rouf (Greece)

Rouf station in Athens have restored an old train and have become a leisure and catering. Parked throughout the year on the same site, features 5 different cars: one is a bar, another restaurant and the rest are devoted to art, music and theater. The menu is not extensive but tasty: burgers, sausages and cheeses are its most popular products.

12.- Orient Express (Turkey)

Fitted within Sirkeci station, In Estambul, we can find a place to take refuge from the madding crowd rush caused by rail. Is the restaurant Orient Express, where one can have a delicious coffee or enjoy tea with pastries. opened in 1890, He reached its fame in the early 30 twentieth century when a fictional murder occurred in their facilities. Its author, Agatha Christie, you can see countless photos on the walls.

13.- Tim Ho Wan
Famous throughout Hong Kong thanks, among other things, advertising that once gave the food critic Janice Leung Hayes noting the privileged position that has. their menu, affordable to almost any pocket includes pork grilled, steamed eggs and carrot cake, among other dishes.

14.- Rokurinsha (Japan)

In the Tokyo main station is Rokurinsha, which it is for many the best ramen restaurant (a type of Chinese noodle) from the city. In fact, there's a whole section called Ramen Street served on the one hand a bowl of noodles and the other a bowl of soup in which to dip the noodles.

15.- Samarkanda (Spain)

In the capital of our country we found this restaurant that has a privileged location and views, next to tropical garden Atocha Station, meeting point for travelers bound AVE and step on the route of museums in Madrid. In addition to offering quality cuisine, highlights its famous mousse stuffed tomatoes with tuna and basil gazpacho, It has facilities with a lovely decoration ideal for all kinds of events.

After this delicious tour touches back to reality and hope that our nearest station soon start offering services similar to the above; or in any case, see ourselves existing ones. Been you in any?

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