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The 25 tweets that summarize the first day of HORECA Congress AECOC


On the opening day of 15HORECA th Congress of AECOC which he was held in Madrid and which gathered more of 500 professionals and entrepreneurs, chefs and world concerning restoration. The event served to confirm the positive trend that is the hospitality sector in Spain, something that was beginning to easliy in recent 2 years.

After a period of very severe crisis for the sector, and last year we began to notice a clear climate growth and illusion both the audience and the speakers, This year has been confirmed. The sector pulls the economy and this growth is expected to continue y se confirme en los próximos años.

We wanted to share this first day in 25 tweets, summarizing the main conclusions:

HORECA 15th Congress AECOC in 25 tweets


Javier Campo, President, AECOC and Jose Maria Rubio, President, FEHR They were responsible for inaugurate The congress

The first to speak, Javier Creus. founder Ideas For Change

Round Table "millennials, influencers and entrepreneurs "

round table of Alejandro de la Rosa, a foodie there Influencing Lifestyle, Clara P. Villalón de Masterchef y el Co-fundador y CMO de Lolamarket Álvaro Gómez.

Turno para el Sr. Andrea Illy, President de Illy Caffé

Iñigo Pérez del Urrechu, Carlos Tejedor of Oilmotion Y Elias Xanty, of Acanthum. Moderated by Mago More


As we have seen, the vision of chef's, of millennials or business experts draw a fairly positive climate, where It resurfaces sector by way of innovation and technology, approaching users and the need to provide customers with experiences that fall in love.

Creativity, cost effectiveness, ... concepts related to viability one HORECA industry what although at a stage of changes, evolution, it's still working as one of the main economic engines of the country.

We will continue to watch the second day of the 15th Congress AECOC HORECA, of which surely we will draw many other very interesting conclusions, and we will share with you.

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