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The 3 leading to increase sales at restaurants factors as the last major study


Earlier this year, during la Global Best Practices Conference held in the city of Dallas (Texas, OF. UU.), the market research firm TDn2K He presented the results of its latest report on which engines energize sales in restoring today.

For the creation of this study, TDn2K included the participation of 146 organized restaurant chains. The main objective of the research was to clarify the reasons why franchises in the sector have been receiving lower customer traffic during the last quarter of 2018, interval in which some businesses reported a decline of around 5% in the number of sales executed by their brands.

The main result of the research is that the decline is not widespread, well 33 of the 146 chains participants perceived increases in customer traffic, and hence, in the economic performance of companies.

Far from content to answer this question, TDn2K goes a step further and it raises what the three most important factors are when boost sales. To elucidate this matter compared the 33 Successful companies with 113 remaining, detecting that there are three key areas on which businesses can act restoration.

1.- Meals outside the usual cooking times

It is an open secret that traditional meal times are reeling. There are many reasons for that, but two of the most important are the changes in working life of people and the comfort offered by home delivery companies food.

Some chains Sobrado popularity as Taco Bell Y McDonald’s They are already boosting sales in unconventional times. Taco Bell vibe at night, while McDonald's offers its breakfast at any time. This trend add other chains like Starbucks, now investigate how unchecking its flagship product, the coffee, Straits times in which consumption has been constrained. One of the bets are distillations cold, which convert heat engines oriented early in the morning to enjoy a drink at any time of day concoction.

Study restaurants TDn2K who managed to highlight, they did it because they knew how to capitalize on this new consumer behavior user. Average, your customer traffic past noon was 9.9%. This means that additional income perceived around 10% against which they had obtained only offer their services if the lunch or dinner.

The Copious meals and late picoteos midafternoon soon be a regular part of everyday life in organized restoration.

2.- Riding the wave of home food delivery

Another feature that define the group of restaurants where customer traffic is not damper his intelligent use of food delivery services at home.

Eating at home is an undeniable comfort, especially when you do not have to cook and wash the dishes. So every year the number of orders takeout increases above 10%, and this value does not show glimmers of change. In the near future, the takeaway is the main source of income for the restorer.

Almost all participants in the study of TDn2K restaurants improvements observed by the use of such services, but in the case of restaurants chosen as an example, the combination of delivery plus takeaway It produced an increase in the volume of business handled by the company to close 15%.

This shows the importance of good management of food delivery services have when boost sales and raise brand benefits.

3.- The number one rule of restoration: provide good service…and that the customer count on internet

Provide quality service exceptional falls drawer, but it is equally true that "it is easier said than done", in textual words Sheryl Coyne-Batson, vice president of strategic collaborations TDn2K.

To quantify the level of user satisfaction of each of the brands, expert analysts from market research firm interpreted the feeling of comments regarding restaurants dumped by diners in social networks after the visit to the local.

As expected, restaurants that were more successful enjoyed during 2018 a comments highest percentage of positive content. Specifically, a 6.5% plus.

That small difference has real transformative capacity for business, especially since decisions are made increasingly often from a digital environment, either by consulting aggregator reviews for restaurants, seeing a recommendation from an acquaintance in a social network, or by making a request on our favorite search engine.

How can the restorer improve their service?

It's hard to do based on the talent. Differentiation is a powerful tool, but also brings risks and expenses. Trained to offer a unique and excellent experience staff is also great demand, and there are few workers actually cover profile. So that, the solution they chose chains exemplary restoration was going against organized. Zach explains Standford, business intelligence advisor TDn2K, "Negative traffic operations had escalated higher prices than companies that had positive traffic '.

In other words, offset the revenue losses caused by lower customer traffic with an increase in prices is a snake biting its tail. In this sense, service improvement in local success had his only and exclusively be inaction, paradoxically.

So that, restaurants who want to boost their sales by expanding their schedules can do food, using imaginatively and efficient delivery services food delivery and not putting the weight of malfunction in the pocket business customer.


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