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The 5 sins of Facebook Ads to advertise your restaurant


Surely there are many people who have recommended you, by active and passive, you invest in online advertising. If it is cheap, that if effective, you will see good results in the short term… Everything is perfect until the time when you sit at the computer and start creating the first campaign My God!

You've decided Facebook, because it is where more time you spend many of your competitors and campaigning (and you see them and clear,… It gives you some envy, I admit it).

Once you've successfully created your advertising account, set billing parameters and after much hit the keyboard and mouse… Empezar.¿Qué comes time to choose advertising goal? Public, What public? ¿Set ad? 'But if you just want to make one!!!

When so many doubts assail you, the first thing you do is shut down your computer and leave it for tomorrow. Or worse… go to your fanpage and give it to 'promote publication'; the fast track of those starting in Facebook Ads (with all my respect… I acknowledge that I also did in his day)

Do not despair, As everything in this life, It is to try until you find the key (never better said). In the network there are plenty of tutorials, guides and resources to start creating your first campaigns. But if all this sounds a Chinese story, always you can count with us to initiate you into the fascinating world of Facebook Ads… Yes, it is fascinating!

However, If you are a brave person and have decided to move forward with your first campaign, we will give some tips for do not make judgments that all (we also) once we made our first campaigns. There go!

1. Use it pixel FACEBOOK!

Although it can be complex to set up, is key when it comes to maximize your Facebook Ads campaigns. In addition to measure what users do on your site after seeing one of your ads, allows us create custom audiences with those visitors to show more ads in the future (remarketing).

2. Nurses often your ads

The goal of Facebook with your advertising is that users do not take it as invasive, so it would not hurt you to check the frequency in which your ads are shown to the public elected. A standard frequency would be an impression each 5 days, although everything depends on the campaign type and duration.

3. The ad image, ¡fundamental!

It is something that often is not taken into account, but we can not forget one thing: We talk about ADVERTISING, a “jungle” where survival of the fittest (strong for creative changes)… and you do not get to be the strongest with pixelated images or inconspicuous. Quality with most smartphones on the market, can be made a more than acceptable photos, After some retouching, can serve.

We can not forget the technical details of the images we will use in our campaigns: Facebook penalizes images containing text, however little it. Although there is still the rule 20% (images that contain text in more than 20% its surface, They are not accepted) now penalize us even a single word appears. exist 4 “levels” penalty:

  • Accepted: image contains no text, you can rest easy.
  • Some text: The platform detects the text and could be undermined its scope
  • little text: Your ad is within the limits (-20%) but it affected both the scope and the cost thereof compared to a similar ad with an image without text
  • much text: Your advertisement, directly, will not be published.

Another point to consider is the CTA or calls to action. If your ad seeks to achieve a reserve increase your web Do not cut yourself! Tell your user what you want to do with your ad: a CALL button or book would be ideal. If you can, also put it in your ad text, It never hurts…

4. video, King Content

Facebook gives greater emphasis on video content than any other type that is uploaded to its platform, so it's not a bad idea create your campaigns in this format (Not forgetting the point 3, its quality). One of the advantages of using video is that you'll pay cheaper your advertising campaigns. Other, you can create a custom audience with those users who viewed your video. They are all advantages

Do not forget that the ideal length of a video is between 10 Y 30 seconds, so your video should impact the user in the first seconds of play.

5. Testing, testing

Facebook's advertising platform offers countless formats and locations for our ads, so we must adapt each and every one of them to their specific characteristics.

Do not use the same image to Facebook than for Stories Instagram, because the result will not be correct. Each location has its specific measures and displays text and links in different lengths and shapes, so make sure that each ad this adapted to the location shown.

Fundamental, on the other hand, son los test A/B. We need to know our audience and this is the best method. A same product or service can “sell” in many ways, so we should implement them all to determine which offers better results.

And, for example, you'll Christmas dinners promote your establishment, creates three different ads that talk about the dishes, three with the services you offer, three with the added value others against your competition… and all, with different images and texts. After a few days, check what theme and that theme announcement has generated more interest in your audience to promote it.

Follow these tips and start profitable once and for all Facebook campaigns for your restaurant You tell us what changes have already noticed!

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