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The 6 Top tips to hire perfect for your restaurant waiters


Once we have already thought of everything we need to open our new bar or restaurant, when we already have prepared local, it's time to start hiring staff. Finding the appropriate workers to accompany you on this adventure It's fundamental to achieve the best results at a restaurant.

It is a process that is not at all easy and that is one of the main keys to the smooth running of a catering establishment. So that we must be extremely careful and methodical when choosing the staff working in the dining room.

different aspects to consider when it comes to making a choice to hire waiters. That guess right or you're wrong with your decision will depend largely satisfaction or dissatisfaction that customers will take your business.

6 Tricks to hire the best bartenders

If you want your restaurant to get optimize this process, start by reading these tips for efficient waiters.

  1. Helpfulness and friendliness above all

It is essential that personnel who will be facing the public in your restaurant is kind and friendly. This is an aspect as important as who can do their job well, because we're not going to want the most efficient waiter in the world if it is an edge or not empathize with customers. As always says Professor Dominic Biosca make a “Smile casting”.

  1. Make more than one test candidates

Before start working, it is essential that each candidate to pass more than one test in order to ensure as much as possible the decision of recruitment.

Can, for example, ask them to walk with a tray loaded properly between tables or walk without more local (of this you can draw many conclusions by looking more than anything, in attitude), see how it unfolds behind the bar, etc. his polyvalence It must be demonstrated to perform various types of skills.

  1. Try them like hiring them an extra day

A good way to test the candidate, It is to give his first chance at a loose day, which of course must be paid, and where You can see how well it operates and responds to your expectations.

  1. The first impression is what counts

In a sector such as catering service where we offer a face to the public, the image is very important and also the first impression. So you must choose a candidate who already, has caused you good impression at first sight and also, show that it can be a good waiter. Remember that “there is no second chance to make a good first impression” and this is true in this business.

  1. The most important thing is always the service and the customer

The candidate who finally choose to join your template must have this very clear slogan and implement it at all times. It is a concept essential to become a good waiter.

  1. Keep the high level of staff

There is no point having a good waiter and three mediocre, because the majority will be mediocre by ballasting work better, resulting in mediocrity in the overall level of your service.

Surround yourself with waiters good level and well-trained, they can teach each other and eventually form a great team.

A good restaurant needs good waiters

No matter how much experience you have, or years your business to take up, Look at these tips to get the best bartenders.

You should consider whether your staff meets the expectations and if developing their work with excellence demands your restaurant.

Remember that it is essential that your customers happy to go to your establishment They share their experience, I recommend, but above all to return.

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  1. As always fascinate everything you publish in diegocoquillat.com and congratulations especially Maria for this great post, very practical and useful for owners of any bar, cafe or restaurant, it certainly shows in Miss Tipsi that you know of what you speak and no wonder that now you may be a reference for all those who want to jump into the digital management of your restaurant business, a very cordial greeting from Madrid (Spain) and to continue the good work you do all Miss Tipsi team and great team of diegocoqullat.com, now we share with our community of entrepreneurs restoration 😉

    • Thank you very much Roberto, is a luxury that Mary write in my journal and share with readers his experience and good work in front of Miss Tipsi, the project this country needs for the final transition to the digital world Restaurants.

  2. I think it's very difficult to demand much service agency when the boss tips, no overtime pay, hires in black, and it goes wrong at your service. If you have above waiters to smile bad vibes. Moreover empathize and sympathize are two things that might seem antagonistic. A waiter who empathizes with the client can not be nice if the client is pissed…

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Jose Thank you for your comment, the truth is you pose a situation where workers' rights are violated, in these cases the issues being more or less sympathetic passes the background, because the main thing is enforce labor laws.

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