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The 7 Telepizza challenges that revolutionize Twitter # Con7Basta


Telepizza It has launched an interesting campaign through his Twitter account, where its more than 80.000 followers can get free pizzas if they are to meet the challenges the restaurant chain pizza delivery proposes.

All challenges have in common that must retweet the tweet Telepizza launch that account and also follow the company on Twitter (@telepizza_es). But then must do a different action for each of the 7 challenges:

CHALLENGE 1: Declárale to Telepizza What is your favorite with 7 words
CHALLENGE 2: Mention your colleague's top and define it with 7 words
CHALLENGE 3: Express your love / hate pizza with pineapple 7 words
CHALLENGE 4: Imagine what would be your favorite Telepizza with 7 words
CHALLENGE 5: Tweeting your favorite excuse to eat pizza 7 words
CHALLENGE 6: Describe your perfect plan with pizza 7 smileys
CHALLENGE 7: Confess the weirdest place you've eaten pizza 7 words

Here you have tweets shared Telepizza with its challenges:

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Here you have the winners challenges # Con7Basta…

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