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Gastronomic Airbnb to share tablecloth with here, here and there


We have already used to sharing routes with cars and platforms like Blablacar O Amovens. We have also already gone to sleep sometime home of strangers who rented us one of their rooms for a weekend, thanks to Airbnb. But there's even more. Now, if we want to savor a country, a city or an area like the locals do, we can also.

The truth is that with the pull of the collaborative economy, and was slow to emerge a trend as promoting new apps "Gastronomic Airbnb", as they have been calling them. What does it consist on? It is very simple. A person decides to receive people at home to eat the home menu for a small fee. The price and menu chooses the host, but the host is the one who chooses where and when; and is that in big cities, offering meals before which are the guests is getting longer.

Faced with what many think, these applications are not focused on chefs and we should not have kitchen studios. Simply feel like cooking and sharing that meal with others. Because although the food is the junction point, the ultimate goal of these platforms is create a link between strangers they take practice languages, share experiences and, even, create friendships.

When we enter as guests on these platforms we can choose different options depending on the destination city or the culinary delights more in line with our tastes and our pockets. Likewise, searches can be filtered through items such as dates, the type of food (vegan, kosher, intolerances, etc) or the number of diners.

Once selected options, the application performs a search where passes introduce ourselves to our potential hosts-chefs. If any of the proposals are suited our needs no more to book and wait for the day of the meeting.

The price of meals ranges between 15-30 euros on average, although the final figure includes the consumer sees a percentage of management expenses platform takes. The host should not pay anything for publishing your invitation and the money transfer is always done through the app, to ensure payment.

Every time there are more options platforms motivate this kind of social-gastronomic events. Many of them are very similar, other are equal, but in different parts of the world. Here I will detail step a list of the best known for what You go where you go you may have the option to enjoy one of these experiences.

Best apps to eat at home anywhere


One of the most powerful platforms is Israeli EatWith, which came on a trip to Greece where the creator, Guy Michlin, not managed to find a restaurant to live up to your expectations, since all the options seemed touristy. It came this way to ask a Greek friend where they ate local, to which he replied that at home.

The experience seemed so authentic and enriching, who decided to create to organize a system that hosts and guests for such situations may be beyond chance. Currently they are operating in more than 200 cities around the world.


"For the world or in your own street, a home cooked meal waiting for you ". We talked about this platform in the article 11 Apps to stay with good taste during a trip, and that is one of the most powerful in this sector. Mealsharing It closely resembles EatWith, even the inspiration that led her to appear. The founder of the platform shared a meal with Mr. Pon and his family on a small farm about an hour from Siem Reap, Cambodia.

He discovering new recipes, his talks with family and shared experiences They became the first Mealshare that participate Jay Savsani.


Free form filling, little ones chefs and foodies can receive guests at home from 2014 thanks to visas. The founders of this platform, Jean-Michel Petit Y Camille Rumani, they decided to create it from a trip to Lake Titicaca in Peru, where they could enjoy a home cooked meal made from Indian recipes thanks to the invitation of strangers.

Vizeat today is already over 60 countries worldwide and has 35.000 travelers and around 10.000 hosts.


On its website they define the three pillars that guide its mission of contacting guests and hosts, What are they: "Experience is more important than food", "Smiles, hugs and challenges create the perfect anti-routine "and" The road is far more important than the goal ". This application, centered on America, both south and north, It is coming to Europe, Madrid and Barcelona being his first stops. It is worth checking out these ambassadors of good homemade gourmet roll.


In the case of this platform, inspiring experience was a home cooked meal for a backpacking trip of the founders. This portal has fewer destinations and although most are European (Roma, Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Florence), the country of origin of the creators (Singapore) It is also included as a destination among its options, which gives a twist.


this platform It is one of the first and emerged in France, more specifically in Paris around the year 2011. Its operating system is similar to others and, nowadays, They have crossed the borders of our northern neighbor and They are present in cities around the world: from San Francisco to Canberra via New Delhi, Cape Town and St. Petersburg. Also also it has options for Europe in Paris, Lyon, Nice or Barcelona.


Kim Hunter, the creator of Suppershare He born in Birmingham (Alabama) and it is defined as a person "not much given to going to restaurants". Hence the concept was born Suppershare, thanks to her It meant that people could enjoy home-cooked food with others. The platform has a lot of options in Italy.

So far the list of the most popular platforms and is that, although they vary in location and some of its features, They promote all the same: collaborative and sharing economy table to share experiences. There are many more platforms, but these are the most popular and widespread.

While it is true that these gastronomic Airbnb not yet have a strong presence in Spain, maybe not a bad time to start testing them on our trips abroad. In the end, If you already share house and car with strangers, Why not try to share tablecloth? Let the cities and its people conquer us not only with a view, but also with its flavors, and there are none better than make you feel at home.

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