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Americans already spend more in restaurants than in supermarkets


For the first time, since 1992, American consumers spent more money in restaurants and bars in supermarkets, According to figures published by the U.S Department of Commerce.

The following chart, puedes apreciar la evolución de estos indicadores:

Evolution of spending on restaurants compared to supermarket

Undoubtedly, we face an important fact, and that in my opinion, It shows several things.

A greater confidence in the process of improving the American economy, because consumers are spending more and more money on leisure, mainly in hospitality.

Thanks to technology, They are looking for comfort, in many cases, is easier and faster to order food delivery in a restaurant or eat at a fast-food or casual, to go to the supermarket, buy different foods and prepare them at home.

But sincerely, I think there is an element that must not forget, the use of the restaurants are defining a new life style, therefore the younger generation, thanks to technology are customizing, socializing and sharing their experience in restaurants, and for those more adult, who have the money to enjoy social and gastronomic experiences with a high degree of differentiation and authenticity, not found in other services and in many cases is more associated with a lifestyle, that's need to feed.

Definitely, Some data that gives us new evidence of a possible change of cycle in the American restaurant industry.

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