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Waze geolocated ads Ads as a perfect alternative to Google Maps


Waze is a GPS navigation app Operating similar to Google Maps. Although his career is parallel to the latter app, being aware of the turmoil caused Waze between users and fearing for their own supremacy in the sector, the system is owned by Google from 2013.

Although the Waze interface is not as refined as his competitor, one of the points that keeps alive the very program is the community of users who, through crowdsurcing, provide real-time information on road conditions, incidents and other points of interest.

Waze is designed for use in cities. His best assets are route optimization in city, the estimate of the length of traffic jams and the ability to forecast congestions road.

Apart from purely peculiarities aimed at driving, Waze, like Google Maps or Bing Maps, It provides information on establishments.

Since the user base of mobile application features 90 million users, using this app as a proxy to deliver advertising to drivers is difficult to ignore treat.

Waze Ads by owners of different types of businesses can make geo-targeted advertising campaigns, focusing its efforts and budget more susceptible users be tempted by ads, those in the vicinity of the establishment.

Waze Ads stands and a online advertising provider for restaurants which must be very attentive.

Positive experiences in campaigns with geotargeting

There have been many renowned franchises that have dared to invest in geolocated ads Waze Ads.

McDonalds was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon. Liz Woods, media supervisor H&L Partners, marketing firm and global publicity that made the ad campaign for McDonalds maps, indicated: “As the differences between traditional and digital media increasingly diluted, Waze gives McDonald's the ability to combining intelligent data and orientation with what would otherwise be comprehensive outdoor advertising. The information we have captured for our client has provided a deeper understanding of creative performance, diurnal, consumer behavior and geographical“.

McDondals advertising campaigns in Waze have focused on increasing the spread of menu 'All Day Breakfast’ incorporating A / B geolocated to optimize ads, presence on maps with custom icons and constant updating of art maintaining relevance throughout the year and attract interest to the specific offers.

Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell have also made use of the app. In addition to using the tool in the route planning, both houses established direct trade relations with the utility promote their products.

Online advertising for restaurants Waze not quenched his thirst for profit and in March 2017 It began offering two separate systems pre-orders through which users could have your order ready no more access to the respective establishments.

Now, Waze, through its platform for corporate partners Waze Ads, offers three new services that can revolutionize the scenario of online advertising for restaurants.

So Waze Ads works: advertising campaigns at low prices

Those interested in promoting their restaurants with geolocated ads are in luck because Waze offers an opportunity budget. At a bargain price of two dollars for every thousand impressions, Waze Ads allows employers to target drivers traveling through nearby.

Drivers see the ad on their mobile terminal and needled on it for more information. The way in which advertising is presented depends on the type of service contracted with Waze Ads. There are three different possibilities:

  • Branded Pins.
    representative and icons identifying mark on the map georeferenced road provided by application. These virtual road signs remind drivers that the establishment in question is passing through or close to the route followed.
  • Promoted Search.
    Waze when the user performs a search in the browser, the application displays in the upper part those businesses with which it has established a promotional relationship.
  • Zero-Speed Takeover.
    This method of advertising alone It acts when drivers parked their vehicle. Is the native ad format with greater impact. It is a sign fully equipped with a digital road call for effective action.

Real-time results, ease of payment and the ability to stop the advertising campaign at any time without obligation Waze make a fantastic tool to launch online advertising for restaurants with geographical segregation and low risk.

And for those who can already attest to the proper functioning of Waze Ads, There is a complete package at a discounted price, the Plus package containing:

  • The possibility of setting up 50 icons in different locations.
  • The Zero-Speed ​​Takeover included in the price system.
  • geographical and time restrictions to optimize the return on investment in the advertising campaign.
  • Contact a sales representative that will offer exclusive consulting and advice based on experience on the methodology to be used to improve results.
  • Fast and oriented troubleshooting communication either by phone or telematic.
  • Possibility of payment by credit card or the system has funds Premium Local Waze.
  • more features, Live care and high diffusivity of business presence.

Of course, This full service is priced considerably higher. For a hundred dollars a day you can use the Plus plan and bring the restaurant chain to a new level.

There is no doubt that nourished user base of this particular platform is a alternative or complement to Google Maps very interesting for those who wish to improve customer traffic at your local.

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