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The benefits of speech recognition for the future of restaurants


He speech recognition offers a new level of consumer convenience. Virtual voice assistants like Google Home O Alexa Amazon further simplify consumption. Although the use of these devices still occurs in a reduced niche, it is foreseeable that the adoption of the technology accelerate as it improves.

Restaurants will also benefit from this technological innovation. Thanks to voice recognition systems and chatbots AI-based conversational, will be able redistribute your workforce attributions. Telematic attention will no longer be a responsibility of the staff and will be left in the hands of automated systems.

It is software it already exists but, analogously to the consumer experience, there is still ample room for improvement. As time goes by, restaurants and hospitality businesses will increasingly depend on management teams with voice recognition.

Challenges of implementing voice recognition in restaurants

Speech recognition is a cutting edge technology. Is based on the using artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in speech. Then these are interpreted. Finally an answer is selected from a dictionary of preset options and the loop starts over.. When the process concludes, It is expected that the customer's question or request has been answered.

In order to be able to adequately serve customers at the same time that this type of device is valued, it is necessary to know the software. This can be tricky because, how it was getting ahead, the chatbots with voice recognition make use of the latest technological advances.

Training is, often, a must for the restaurant professional who wants to get the most out of speech recognition. The only alternative is to be advised by the experts who develop these tools or by the market analysts and their general recommendations.. Although it is not a personalized advice, it may be enough to see how the economic performance of the premises increases.

On the other hand, these systems cannot be directly integrated into the hospitality operation. The processes that take place in the establishment must accommodate the new system. It is often necessary for specialized furniture to have communication through a network of IoT or internet of things.

When the restaurant is not ready to install the system directly, there is no other option but to do without voice recognition or undertake the necessary reforms. This tends to increase the initial cost of the solution.. further, it is usually a hidden cost that the hotelier does not perceive until he has decided to purchase the product equipped with voice recognition.

Nor can the personalization of the service be forgotten. The voice assistant is an extension of the business and must be kept in line with the brand image chosen for the chain. Thus, some companies have already started offering unique voices representing certain franchises on an exclusive basis.

In any case, despite the fact that there are many challenges to overcome, the benefits are greater. Therefore, the adoption of the systems is robust: slow but steady and sure.

Benefits of voice recognition systems in restaurants

Voice recognition systems offer a whole series of unique capabilities of great interest to the hotelier. The most interesting, definitely, It is the possibility of increase profitability of the operation thanks to its use.

Orders or reservations online per voice account for a small percentage of the market, but the value that represents them increases gradually. further, the artificial intelligence evolves to offer a friction free service, natural and effective. This translates into an increase in the amount of the average ticket. Sales optimization runs through closing more transactions, but also including new items via upselling. Automation also allows you to cut expenses in terms of salaries.

The service customization is another of the strong points. Virtual voice assistants allow the customer to make decisions relevant to their order efficiently and effectively. Some systems can even use the facial recognition to make suggestions to user. In the future, it is expected that artificial intelligence can also detect emotions, mood and other circumstances to provide a better service.

The user preferences they are usually patented thanks to databases. Many of the trends in consumer habits are, At first, hidden by noise. But when the macrodatos emerge. Offering solutions based on user preferences is one of the winning assets of AI and, thus, of virtual assistants with voice recognition. The unpublished perspectives on consumption will be of great help to design the restaurant's strategy, satisfy the consumer and also avoid resorting to market analysts to make informed decisions about the future of the store: all data will be the property of the restaurant.

He marketing digital will also be the subject of a revolution. The chatbots will make possible a new generation of interactive campaigns that direct traffic to applications and portals managed by the brand. The first step in this sense are the personalized voice notifications that are already beginning to appear in some loyalty programs and apps mobile.

Among the advantages of this technology there is also the system infallibility. By dispensing with workers for customer service the number of incidents caused by human error is minimized. This, at the same time, affects brand reputation, that will improve for the public both online and on the street.

The most compelling fact that voice recognition solutions have a niche in the restaurant space is that homes that have already started using the technology have experienced a increase in your profit volume.

In summary, restaurants will take advantage of voice recognition and virtual assistants to:

  1. Improve business performance
  2. Customize the service offered to the client
  3. Analyze consumer trends
  4. Eliminate errors in customer service
  5. Reinforce the brand image and build customer loyalty

The digital transformation restaurants continues and voice recognition is nothing but one more step towards the New Hospitality. This field will undoubtedly bring interesting news throughout the decade. An early familiarization with this pioneering technology can be very beneficial to the restaurant industry..

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