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Customers prefer to eat at restaurants with drinks


It is a fact that non-alcoholic drinks are gaining much weight in the hospitality and catering today. Booming health food and healthy choices in restaurants, A study just published that customers and prefer to eat without alcoholic beverages by.

This is the conclusion that the company has reached Technomic, dedicated to studies related to food industry. From its headquarters in Chicago and around the world, They unveiled a few weeks ago its latest research by the name of “2017 Away-From-Home Beverage Study”, focused on eating behaviors of consumers when they leave eating out.

In it detailed how customers restaurants 2016 they spent 181.000 million in drinks in the US alone.

change the cane natural juice or flavored water

But the drinks covered this study ranged from the most basic such as soda, your, juices and coffees to new product categories such as energy drinks and flavored waters. The last two categories offer considerable growth in the next five years certainly.

Attended a resurgence of healthy drinks, non-alcoholic beverages when eating out for many reasons. First, health, since any natural beverage is healthier than an alcoholic, Secondly, for dietary reasons as, in general, these drinks "fat" less. And if that was not enough, It is public domain and several studies support the theory that, a unconsciously, and because we ask the brain, eat more to drink alcohol.

Drinks are a fundamental part of the diet

David Henkes, senior director of Technomic, He commented on media as bizjournals.com what "drinks represent a fifth of what consumers spend away from home. For this reason they are a fundamental part of the whole experience, and because of this importance, is absolutely crucial for operators both restaurants and their suppliers understand how innovation impacts customer satisfaction”.

This study by Technomic, which he polled more than 800 food service operators and more than 3.000 consumers, also it concluded a new change in consumer mindset. And it is that diet drinks sweetened with no-calorie sugar substitutes, that is to say, the 0’0, Zero, Light, etc. no longer they perceived as healthy. Other more natural sweeteners like agave, stevia and honey are best for a consumer much more informed than before, what has increased demand.

The third conclusion was extracted importance is that brand drinks They remain important for most consumers, but younger generations tend to downplay this detail, compared to older consumers.

It is clear that we face a new consumer restaurants, and new needs This requires drinks at different times of consumption, it seems that the healthy and naturally wins the games to the big brands, time will tell.

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