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Cars connected to the Internet may request food restaurants


American restaurant chain Pizza Hut, It is developing a system that will order and pay pizzas from cars connected to the Internet.

Order food to restaurants from the car

A few months ago I wrote in this blog a post titled, “2 Examples of how it affects Internet of Things to restaurants”, in which he shared two cases of implementation of Internet of Things in the restaurant industry.

The American company Pizza Hut, He wants to go further in this direction, making cars in Internet-connected devices enabling through technology, to order pizza in different restaurants, go pick it up later.

All part of an agreement finalized this chain with Visa Companies, as a provider of digital payments, and Acceture, as technology consultant, to develop what they call “connected cars”.

The system would work through the voice, allowing the driver to send orders activating the car handsfree, to avoid any risk on the road, Once the order is placed, customers pay through a simple system connected to the dashboard of the car itself.

further, a very interesting element, is that from the restaurant, employees through a digital system, based on GPS, They keep track distance travel and car, to have the order ready as you approach this shop.

They are made the first tests “connected car” by the American restaurant chain, and depending on the outcome will be launched in different restaurants pilots, in United States, in the coming months.

Data connectivity cars are really impressive, since people spend an average of 6,5 hours per week in cars.

It is estimated that in the year 2020, almost 250 million vehicles worldwide, They include a system integrated connection, which it is the perfect setting for the development of an ecosystem of e-commerce.

Car Graphic connected to the Internet

Revenues for services related to connectivity cars exceed 152 billions of dollars.

Internet revenues cars

we must not forget that already some companies are positioning themselves in this huge e-commerce market, such as Apple through CarPlay, I allowing navigate and interact through an iPhone connected to the car, as you can be seen in the following video:

I'm sure you think that all this sounds like science fiction, but I assure you that this is almost present technology, we must not forget that one of the great challenges of the digital transformation process in which is immersed the restaurant industry is disruptively change the way customers relate to restaurants.

Via: Business Insider, Restaurant News

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