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Positive reviews on trip advisor help a restaurant to get a loan


By now no one doubts the importance comments, opinions and reviews shared the opinion portals have in attracting and retaining new customers for restaurants.

Information that, in many cases, It has become the perfect thermometer to measure the suitability of a restaurant and, definitely, has a huge influence on decision-making of potential diners.

For the first time it is no longer important what the restaurant says of himself, we are in a digital environment where the relevant information is that guests about the restaurant.

As well, A few days ago taught a class in Madrid on the process of digital transformation in the restaurant industry and the main levers to cope successfully, inside of the Master in GastroUni Restaurants, which coincided with the completion of this course. This led to subsequent students we shared with some caps in a bar next to where the class developed, a farewell.

They are moments of rest that facilitate the relationship and trust with students. In most cases these will convey experiences, experiences or questions related to your business. A high percentage of them hoteliers are active that They are seeking to improve their training or education to optimize the management of your business.

The relevance of digital comments on the assessment of a restaurant

The thread of a conversation arose about management advisor reviews among several of these students and in which I participated along with the director of the Master Oscar Carrion, an innkeeper with a major restaurant in Madrid's Vallecas district said his bank, a well-known national financial institution, He had confirmed him one of the main reasons for granting a requested this loan had been excellent assessment found that entity in portals restaurant review.

This statement had quite an impact on people at that time conversed, which it caused various comments and new reflections on this topic.

And it seems that this current of opinion goes beyond the border of what is purely digital relevance to be part of one of the endpoints on a warranty or catering business. In this case it applies to the granting of bank financing, but opens the door to another set of assumptions that directly affect the valuation of a company. Is it the same transfer or sale of a restaurant with an excellent reputation online against other only collect bad reviews from customers?

Some days after, this statement was around in my head and decided share it through social networks my newspaper, in order to test the reactions it would have on our community of followers.

I must admit that a digital stir some consideration formed, mainly on Facebook and Linkedin, with many reactions from users. So I would like to share main reflections I draw from all comments on this topic.

10 conclusions about the importance of online reputation for a restaurant

1.- Increasingly, both individuals and businesses, we are exposed to the environment and that information online It is valuable to know our digital DNA.

2.- The online reputation is a new variable that must take into account the bank of the future, If this is positive it demonstrates good work offline and that should value a financial institution.

3.- A restaurant that has an active presence in digital portals and social networks It is proof of its concern for professional management Y, definitely, is an element to consider.

4.- Restaurateurs know that online reputation is an important pillar and increasingly valued by our customers.

5.- Investment funds are pricing reports online reputation restaurant chains to invest in them, It is part of a ratio which is incorporated pool.

6.- It is a fact to keep in mind for those entrepreneurs who do not yet believe in the impact on your business reputation online and the digital processing.

7.- Some insurance companies use the online reputation for granting policies at better prices to his clients, and it is predicted that mortgages will be linked to our profiles on social networks.

8.- A positive online reputation It is a guarantee of business success Y, Thus, less risk to the bank, It is the best introduction.

9.- Online reputation and is closely linked to treasury management and revenue in hospitality businesses. It is the brand that can best define the performance and potential of the activity, a key finance and business viability element.

10.- Responsible for Human Resources study the “fingerprint” for the selection process, Interestingly, now do the banks for a loan.

Online reputation affects financial transactions Restaurant

I wanted to verify this information and I have become personally contacted various financial institutions with whom I work and I have some confidence to this hypothesis. None of them has confirmed that today's comments in a shared different Internet portals restaurant are relevant to the granting of a loan or financing, I insist that the main thing are the numbers of the company, its solvency and the guarantees provided.

But they all confirm me these data are already part of qualitative information is generally collected in any financial transaction requested by a customer of this type, and that If these shared customer reviews are good, best!

I wonder if this consideration would be so banal a case of financing hospitality business that was heavily criticized for its customers in the digital environment. ¿Prevail in this case the economic variable on the reality of the business itself describing its customers?

We must not forget, to cover all aspects of this issue, the fraudulent comments which in some cases can sneak into these portals, or famous “trolls”, that somehow try to manipulate or confuse the reality of a business and should be also incorporated variables and measures in these analyzes.

It is possible that some reader, this reflection is transferred to the episode “Nosedive” British series Black Mirror, which is forecast to public profiles on social networks and online reputation of individuals affect the way you get a mortgage, to places where you can access, to get the apartment of your dreams and even to have a perfect life. So I discussed in this article it seems that sooner rather than later reality can be stranger than fiction.

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