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The most relevant data to improve management of staff shifts in a restaurant # Infographic


For professionals in the restaurant sector, the Personnel management It is one of the most complex tasks they face. In this newspaper We have dedicated some articles this task, contributing ideas in applications designed specifically to the simplest life to the restaurant manager.

Each restaurant must schedule their shifts and schedules workers, and so we find a wide variety of management styles, depending on the circumstances of each company. Some manage to schedule different times of staff months or weeks in advance, while others do only a few days or hours. In some businesses, the waiters do double shifts and others do in short shifts, always trying course, conform to what provided by law.

Data for improving the organization of employee shifts a restaurant

Definitely, bring up a catering business involves the need for professional management staff fine and what to do in each of its stages. To help regarding the scheduling of employee shifts, we want to share with you an infographic put together by one of the most commonly used American applications for managing human resources in restaurants, specific, 7shifts.

They provide useful data from their customers, most American restaurants, for restorers have more success with the programming and management of the workforce of your business.

The main conclusions are as follows:

  • The average on improving work shifts is a 24.38%
  • The average number of days in advance that a restaurant publishes the following weekly schedule of your employees is 2,44 prior days a week
  • The average tenure of an employee in a restaurant is 1 month and 26 days, those who stay longer are managers or directors with more than 4 months and less busboys with just over 1 my
  • The average annual salary of an employee restaurant varies by position held in the company. From the service, winning just over 11 thousand dollars a year, to the chefs, earning half 26 thousand dollars or managers, winning 28 thousand dollars a year. All figures, not counting tips.
  • The average shift length of a restaurant worker is 6,4 hours, It is the chefs who work longer hours, very close 8 hours per shift
  • The most common day of the week for restaurant workers appear not are Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday is the day less absenteeism

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