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Spanish tapas or prefer to eat in a bar rather than a fast food


It is well known that Spanish bars like us or like us Spanish bars, It is a relationship of mutual love.

In January 2015, the publication Esquire It echoes a study which stated it made in Spain there is a bar for each 169 population. Mogan, the Plamas, the average soars, There surveyed more than 23.000 people and there 547 locales, which it implies that the average is a bar for each 43 population.

Although the crisis has wreaked havoc causing many bars have to lower your blinds to not lift (specifically 70.000 locales), Spain remains the country with the most bars per capita of European Union. further, Horeca represents the 7.4% Gross Domestic Product.

The data impresses If we compare the number of bars Andalusia with other European countries. In this region there are so many bars and Denmark, Ireland, Finland and Norway together. More than 47.000 establishments that exist in Andalusia represent 17% the total of Spain.

The bar, favorite place to eat away from home by the Spaniards

Between 23 February and 13 March 2015, the company's overall information management Nielsen He conducted a study on the habits of the Spaniards when eating out.

Our social DNA was imposed on results. More than half of Spaniards prefer the bar to eat away from home. And is that in Spain a meal is meant as a time to relate, either while eating out or to do so at home after returning from class or work. He 59% It meets in family around the dinner table, according to the report “The lifestyle of Spanish”, prepared by Nielsen. According to the report, he 56% Spanish chooses the bar for eating out.

A Spanish day progresses according to the activity we conduct in a bar, have breakfast, to have lunch, take the vermouth, tapear of Comer, take or have coffee, snack or dinner, retaking coffee or tea, ordered a drink; you may end up there or coming and going for drinks and shots.

Eat and drink for Spanish become social actions and bars need to know to take advantage and have to adapt their supply to demand. Because this expense Spaniards perform in bars is not only culture typical spanish, in 2015 American consumers spent more money in restaurants and bars in supermarkets, According to figures published by the U.S Department of Commerce.

Tapear, Spanish DNA

No more patriotic than tapear verb: Tapas in bars and pubs. That is to say, take a small portion of food that is served as an accompaniment to a drink.

We must learn to explain it because, for example, no literal translation or English, nor French. Going out for drinks on a Sunday morning and arrive home eaten by those accompanying tapas or pinchos with those so good looking that you can not ignore request. Meet a friend to eat tapas or pinchos It is a choice and seems to be the favorite of Spanish.

We understand that when Spaniards say they prefer the bar of a bar to eat, do not refer to a stool and a five-course menu on a bar but eat tapas or pinchos base. Because of this, to its popularity, offering tapas in a restaurant can be an incentive to encourage customers to come.

Tapeo culture beats fast food

Lids are part of the Spanish food culture. One of the theories origin of this tradition It is that it was the king Alfonso X El Sabio which she provided that in the Castilian mesons not serve wine if it was not accompanied by some food, so it prevented the wine go up fast.

For bars, no European goes both them and the Spaniards. Those who come closest are the Lithuanians, the Greeks, British and Irish, with just over 40%. In fact, the European average of people who usually prefer a pub lunch when away from home is just the 23%, According to this study.

Spain is a country still bars, there is also room for restaurants. In this sense, Spaniards are still traditional, a 54% They prefer the table and the tablecloth to fast food (43%), for example. In the case of the latter option, more than 55% Finns and Serbs often choose the option of fast food, which over Europe.

In fourth place within the preferences when eating, Spaniards opt for the positions superstores, while stalls, In our country, They have only one 3% supporters, located in next to last place 2% of the vending. In fifth place, with a 13% They are recreational places, and a 8% the school cafeterias.

The trend more developed in Europe than in Spain is to eat in the street. Here it is more difficult to find someone taking lunch at a street stall. This is because, especially, legal restrictions in our country. In countries like Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia this trend exceeds 20%, far from 3% español. Although the food trucks They are opening an important gap in the Spanish streets and demand their hard place, classy and unique style.

Join the trend of tapeo

Nielsen study gives us insight into the trends and preferences of the Spanish lunchtime. The owner of any establishment, bar, café or restaurant and, increasingly, tapería, should leverage this data and join the trend.

If you have a bar, you could offer a varied and attractive offer of snacks for your customers once inside the establishment, arising take three or four, at a reasonable price, and 'giving eaten'. If you have a restaurant, in addition to the menu table and tablecloth, Could you give the option of a quick and informal meal of tapas. Prepares an attractive menu, with an offer you can manage and join this trend.

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