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Spaniards want closed menus, cheaper home and in restaurants


A study by the Business Association of Consumer Goods (Aecoc) through its platform Shopper View AECOC has brought to light some of the reasons why Spaniards are reluctant to eat out.

More of 3.000 consumers in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Málaga, Valencia, Corunna, Vigo, Bilbao and the Balearic Islands have participated in the study called "Recovering consumer away from home" and it has shown its sincerest opinions about why not visit restaurants or what might make them change their minds.

 closed menus, cheaper home and in restaurantsTheStocks

The first thing that emerges from the survey is that they are workers middle-aged and older 55 years those who eat away from home more often and in the case of the latter, usually mid-morning when they go to have breakfast in cafes and bars. While, those under 45 years usually reserved these activities for the weekend, when they are enjoying leisure time enabling them to his work, and concentrate on foods, white hair, snacks and dinner.

Spaniards are not to throw the house out the window and, although this year 2015 the food market is experiencing an upturn that the early going was expected of 3%, one of the requests in which more insists the average consumer is offer cheaper menus for day to day. On one side are the letters, since the set menu option is preferred by respondents, a cheaper and convenient option, reducing decision-making time and waiting between courses.

The Spaniards want to study closed-menus, cheaper home and in restaurantsArtOfTheMenu

cheaper menus in restaurants

The study notes that the Spaniards would be willing to pay up 8 € for eating out midweek, while the ideal for a weekend menu price could be around 12 €. They also specify who would come to pay for breakfast 2,16 € Monday to Friday and 2,54 € weekend, whereas to close the day with dinner at a restaurant the menu would have cost 11,50 € and 13,36 € respectively.

Another compelling reasons for consumers is your I desire to follow a healthy diet in their daily lives, so they ask restaurants a more balanced menu that allows them to keep the line. Their willingness to go to a restaurant would increase if, Besides, these menus were formed by more traditional homemade dishes and trash less food. Y, Of course, one of the biggest complaints is that the menus meet the special nutritional needs of groups such as allergic to gluten, lactose intolerant, etc.

different experiences in restaurants

The fact of living a unique experience also adds points when deciding whether or not you go to a restaurant. If the customer chooses to eat out, It makes looking for something worth paying, different from what he can cook with ingredients from your fridge.

Other aspects to consider are image care Restaurant in question, cleaning, decoration and furniture, as well as improving service and product offered, such as the use of organic food and the willingness of staff working on site.

The consumer communication is another point of action to enhance and further into the technological age in which we are immersed. Social networks, blogs and other virtual platforms that ICT offer us are good channels to connect with the consumer, make known the advantages of the product and draw him our business.

Variety of restaurants with different prices

Nevertheless, not all negative reviews. Respondents highlighted as plus the wide variety of restaurants, with all meals that fit the needs and desires of consumers. recognize, Besides, the vast majority, the hospitality market has known adjust prices to economic times the country.

These are some of the requests and suggestions of Spanish consumers to frequent more often cafes and restaurants in our country. And you, What would you ask?

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