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Foodtrucks with pick-up service, a business that grows thanks to the coronavirus


The restaurant clientele has reduced considerably in recent months. In the summer period, the occupation is at 60% of its maximum capacity, and that in the most favorable cases. There is still some fear of sitting in a restaurant dining room with strangers, despite the extreme precautionary measures that are in place.

In the restaurant sector, few business niches have withstood the onslaught of the coronavirus crisis without noticing economic damage. The mobility market is one of them. Far from contracting, has expanded and gained new adherents. Options delivery Y pickup are more present than ever in our range of alternatives. And the food delivery companies know it.

Nevertheless, This subset of the catering business is not the only one that has flourished in tough times. Gastronets or foodtrucks have also enjoyed a renaissance with the arrival of the coronavirus.

Although they were on everyone's lips a few years ago, the market had declined in popularity lately. This trend has now reversed, as the foodtrucks have been reinvigorated in many places, especially in Canada.

This is the case of the Avatar gastroneta run by Anish Kumar Narayanan. Anish is an American resident with roots in India, but has also lived and traveled to many other places in Asia and Europe. All his life experiences have been merged in his gastronomic exploration project, resulting in multicultural dishes based on lamb, curry and chicken, among many other ingredients.

Yesteryear his Foodtruck He parked in the car parks of the biggest events that took place in his city and surroundings: music concerts, competitions, exhibitions and other outstanding events They attracted enough pedestrians that the queue in front of their van never ceased.

Now the paradigm has changed. On the one hand, Many measures are still in force that limit the capacity and celebration of this type of event. The agglomerations have decreased both in size and in number. And it is that although the governments of the country carry out mandates to minimize the possibility of transmission of the coronavirus, the truth is that the population is also afraid and avoids concentrations of people motu Proprio.

However, Anish has not stopped making money. Quite the contrary, this is being his best year.

The phone that sits next to your stove is usually in constant operation. Just as a call ends, Anish has to do fancy things to be able to continue cooking and attend the next. The doorbell of the device is the soundtrack of your day to day.

And it is that ordering food in your gastroneta has unexpectedly become one of the safest ways, comfortable and convenient for diners to receive prepared food. Waiting times are minimized, as well as interaction with other people, and this encourages customers to continue ordering food.

Far from being a specific case, many other gastronetas operate in the same city and in its surroundings, And it seems they are all experiencing a second golden age of food on wheels.

From mobile burger joints to vehicles selling tacos, the foodtrucks who offer their services enjoy a buoyant situation. So much so that the 27 Brands that work with this type of vehicle are making the most of the circumstances to make cash, this period may end as soon as there is a cure or vaccine against coronavirus, and then the skinny cows arrive.

Locals love these mobile restaurants. With all the distractions limited, and being aware of the pandemic that looms over us, being able to taste delicious expertly prepared meals without putting an iota of your health at risk is a liberating and utterly wonderful feeling.

further, there is a large selection of products to choose from, so diners can even vary their diet without going into repetitive menus.

To evoke that feeling, the managers of the gastronetas have implemented a simple telematic reservation service through text messages, phone calls, instant messaging and email. They have not needed a medium with flourishes, but something simple and functional, that anyone could use without the need for great explanations.

The procedure is simple. When the client requests an order, the gastroneta starts up, set a pick-up time and place, and the person who has made the order only has to pick it up as it leaves the kitchen and taste it wherever they want.

Unfortunately, the apparent safety of food trucks is a double-edged sword. While restaurants are required to submit health and hygiene reports on a regular basis in Canada, the foodtrucks they don't have to. This is against the interest of customers, brick-and-mortar restaurants have been quick to point out the problem, which also represents a clear competitive injustice, Well, how is it understandable?, the need to issue reports involves an economic expense of which the foodtrucks they are exempt.

While the applicable regulations are reviewed and updated, the foodtrucks continue to operate at peak performance across Canada, encouraged by the good results they are reaping and by the interest they arouse among citizens in these difficult times.

Although the reality of this niche is very different depending on the country, due to the differences in legislation that exist in this regard in each nation (and sometimes even locally), this very successful phenomenon gives us clues about the needs of consumers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Especially remarkable is the fact that consumption intention is still in the market, It only remains to know what is the best way to capture it in our business. Home delivery of food, he pickup and the takeway they can be good places to start exploring a solution.

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