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The Ice creams 100% vegetables arrive at restaurants


Every day the proportion of consumers who adopt a diet is greater Vegetarian. In Spain we ride to reach five million citizens who do not support the slaughter of animals for use in food. Among them, many go one step further and only support plant products. Nevertheless, This is a much more difficult road to travel.

One of the problems faced by vegans is the lack of options 100% vegetables do true justice to the original products. Although it has progressed enormously in recent years to simulate the texture of fillets, minced meat and meat derived from different animals, there's a open front that is difficult to solve: dairy.

Milk is replaced completely by the pressed juice legume, seeds or nuts. A) Yes, on the shelves of supermarkets, in dietary section, we can find soy milk, almond or buckwheat sprouts. No one has tried to imitate the texture of milk of bovine origin, nor its smell, or taste. It is simply a sacrifice that vegetarians and vegans are willing to make..

Not so with other foods less necessary, but they are often subject to whim. Sweets such as custards, custard, the foams, tiramisu or ice cream could not be faithfully reproduced apart from cow's milk. At least, until now…

Eclipse Foods is a company that leads the transformation of food production. To defend the welfare of animals, reduce the impact of the industry on the environment and combat the challenges that are predicted beyond the coronavirus crisis what concerns us at this moment (challenges such as anthropogenic climate change or ecological collapse), the founders of the company, Aylon Steinhart and Thomas Bowman work from Berkeley (California, OF. UU.) to make one of the products most sought-after summer dispenses with the ingredients of animal origin which historically had been using to obtain.

Ice cream is already a vegan product.

Previous attempts had resulted in something that looked more like a pole to the creamy and silky texture of a traditional ice cream. That slouch, since thanks to the innovations technological implemented by the start-up They have managed to convince critics renowned media as CNN O Forbes.

From their website, Eclipse Foods argues that Ice Cream ice cream Eclipse is indistinguishable from one made with milk. Of course, this item is free from lactose, something that will appreciate this sugar intolerant, but the matter does not stop there because since the company celebrated also by-products from used either nuts, wheat or soya, all known allergens recurring.

Detriment of the above, ingredients extracted from potatoes are favored, the corn, yucca, rapeseed, sugar cane and rice bran, among others. To this biotechnological processes needed are added to transform all these natural crops in a completely new vegan derivative. Y this great store zeal intellectual property, for the food industry emerging in the twenty-first century is mired in a fierce competition that spans all technology centers globe, but it is especially ruthless in Silicon Valley and surrounding.

evidently, in a relatively new field and many players giving everything to gain a niche market, it was hoped that someone consiguiese faithfully reproduce the ice cream lifelong. More unusual is how it has begun to market this new product.

Rather than reach areas refrigerated food stores, Eclipse Foods have relied on restaurants to distribute their vegan ice cream. They are currently working with 28 establishments for citizens of big cities coastal US. THE. they can taste the creation.

Thus New Yorkers can go through your nearest OddFellows to give it a lick to the cornets copados, the inhabitants of the American capital do the same in the Ice Cream Jubilee, and in California there are a plethora of places where guests can savor the Eclipse Ice Cream.

It is the same strategy used by those responsible for Impossible Foods. Potential consumers are unaware of the product and are more likely to accept a try when a waiter offered it as a choice for dessert. It is later, when the product is clamped between the population, when it is possible to bring that item to supermarkets and succeed. In this regard, Remember that Impossible Foods has caused a furor, The demand for their synthetic meat burgers became such that there has been a period of shortages that took months to overcome.

In this way, Washington D's famous restaurants. C. are being helpful for Eclipse. At Equinox a vegan option for ice cream desserts was long gone, and Eclipse Ice Cream has come as an answer to their prayers.

The chef and co-owner of the restaurant, Todd Gray, He is delighted with the news because it allows to dispense with the laborious process of obtaining the almond milk ice cream, also consume a lot of time to get, far from the original dairy product: "It's great. It makes a very good base. But certainly leaves an aftertaste of nuts', Cook says. Vegan Foods puts ice Eclipse solution to these problems.

All indications are that, like The Impossible Burger, he Eclipse Ice Cream it will become a sales success, We will only have to wait for the coronavirus to give up its eagerness to destroy our desire for socialization and for the high summer temperatures to arrive for that to be the case..

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