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The Torres brothers take their chances with a # PizzaPaella ... and succeed!


"Two recetones and a little provocation". Thus they began the program last Friday Torres brothers. Torres in the Kitchen where they presented the main recipe of the day a pizza paella. "Cooking for brave, a recipe that will bring a lot of glue on Twitter "was warned one another before starting.

Arising from the need and suitable for coeliacs, this new recipe for pizza houses the basic ingredients of paella. First with rice flour, Water, egg, will, dried thyme, yeast and extra virgin olive oil to shape the dough.

Then, other elements of the paella as those used to make the sauce is cooked to be the pizza ingredients. Artichoke, green bean, Clot, tomato and pepper.

But a risky recipe, against all odds he had the satisfaction of both the public attending the program, and users and viewers of social networking.

We leave you with some tweets that will serve to give you an update of latest “sacrilege” which he has suffered the Valencian paella. Fortunately, in this case they have come out unscathed from this provocation Sobrado two cooks prestige on the national scene like brothers Torres.

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