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The “igloo” for restaurants make profitable terraces in winter


The restaurant's terrace is one of the most sought after locations local. Not only is outdoors enjoying a good meal, but also we have the opportunity to watch the crowd and enjoy the bustle of the city.

In Spain we know well. Although our climate is particularly mild, every year when autumn arrives late many restaurants investigate how to steal a few extra days a year terrace. In this sense, heaters and protective awnings have been two of the most widely adopted solutions.

in EE. UU., However, They have gone a step further. For the outdoor tables are available every day of the year, during the winter these They are protected with a glass domes that surround the entire area with a transparent barrier resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Although the measure may seem a desperate attempt increase the volume of business in the winter months, the reality is that several of the cities where these structures have begun to appear are witness their tremendous success. Some exceptional locations reach € 900 for two hours in the booking system, and this amount must be added the drinks stipulated, which will be at least 25 euros per person.

The price may seem ridiculous, but we must make several considerations. First the restorer has incurred a huge risk in the form of initial investment just to go against. Typically at this time of year it is that there are no terraces available, especially in the northern United States, where snowstorms are common. On the other hand, glass domes hosting a good number of diners, so the total amount payable may be divided among many people, making it more affordable.

In the interest aroused by the domes of glass plays an important role terraces shortage. This type of outdoor locations for winter, where one can see snowflakes falling on your head while you are comfortable and warm on the terrace, is not widespread at all, although the current situation is far from the initial, which left three years ago.

For now there are few restaurants who have ventured to ride this kind of tents on the outside area, Here are some examples:

The restaurant Lumen Detroit (Michigan)

Lumen is a restaurant open plan design with large glazed areas that offer good views of the historic area that is: the clash between the old town streets of Detroit and areas of new development.

Commanding the kitchen is the chef and manager Gabby Milton, who along with his kitchen team is able to get a plethora of original dishes like grilled salmon accompanied by quinoa, asparagus and chimichurri or Asian-inspired salad of cabbage based, Red pepper, edamame, sesame seeds and ginger vinaigrette dressing.

But what really draws the attention of Lumen is not your location. Nor is its decor. Not even the delicate selection of dishes contained in your letter. What really attracts the public are glass balloons outside the premises, adecentados more typical of a luxury mountain lodge furniture and a white blanket like a carpet that brings warmth and well-being.

Lumen not in force to make a minimum drinking, but prices are still not exactly cheap, but fortunately for diners it facilitates entry is first come first served, without a reservation is necessary, nor so little a deposit.

Of course, It is not true in all cases.

The Bardo restaurant Minneapolis (Minnesota)

Bardo Restaurant It is one of the local family of the city of Minneapolis. There have made a much more aggressive approach to winter terraces. Its translucent domes have a skeleton consisting of geometric corrugated plastic pipe white, and this, rests a thin plastic film which lets the outside guess. The low cost of installation must be added the high price charged by restorers responsible for this establishment.

This is a record. Six chairs placed around the table cost 1000 dollars at times of peak demand, as was the case for example of the Super Bowl LII recently held, when there was a full house and impossibility of serving hundreds of rugby lovers.

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further, Access requires a reservation deposit by the 50% the amount., that is lost if you can not attend. Despite the price, all seats within Bardomes, This has been coined to these outdoor rooms, They are engaged in major events, and even for many other days any.

The great demand for lunch or dinner at one of these domes is not an inherent and unique phenomenon to Bardo, However.

The public restaurant in Atlanta (Georgia)

The public is a fusion restaurant that unites Latin cuisine with oriental cuisine and culinary philosophy. In January this year, during the wave of polar cold that beat marks minimum temperatures in EE. UU., Mike Duganier, Restaurant owners, He continued to receive half a hundred daily emails of customers with reservations intentions of its glass igloos. Of course, these had long been reserved.

Currently only half a dozen domes are available, but given the great success they have had, Mike is considering what to do from now on with this unexpected influx of new customers.

What is already a certainty is that the initiative It has completely changed the economic outlook anticipated for months posnavideños and pre-warm spring. On the one hand, Publico terrace always had been deserted at this time, whereas now half a hundred additional places are filled with every shift kitchen.

Another positive effects they have experienced in the public is the unusual interest that is awakening in social networks, and not only for the risky bet your glass igloos, but also by the comfort and permissiveness of these outdoor spaces, giving the welcome any customer, but also their pets, if the owners bring. Therefore, opinion and assessment of digital fusion restaurant cuisine has risen as foam.

The trend of glass domes for terraces

In 2016 Y 2017 we have witnessed an extension of such structures, that after appearing notably in the hotel Watergate de Washington D. C., He has caught traction EE. UU., and even beyond the borders of the American country.

The leading manufacturer of this type of furniture restoration is Gardenigloo, leading committed to creating the best glass domes for terraces 2013, year when the company was founded.

Currently available in several versions, from those of summer cutting fine mesh screen to prevent entry of bloodsucking Diptera to stay to those hemispheres with PVC plates, which they are those that have become fashionable in cities with cold winters. The initial investment is approximately 750 euros for each dome.

The domes offer many advantages, why more and more restaurants they can not ignore the benefits that would bring installation, namely:

  • possibility of profitable outdoor spaces during adverse weather seasons.
  • Great interest and demand translates into willingness to pay high prices for your reservation or lease.
  • Generating organic conversation on social networks and internet circles, inter alia; Or what is the same, It operates in the background as advertising ploy.

And best of all is that there are few cons. One of the most talked about is the fact that not all those involved in lunch or dinner get rid of bad weather. The waiters who serve in these rooms have to carry the dishes from the kitchen to the dome, completely exposed to the weather. further, access to the igloos or bubbles is not easy, you need to open a zipper, snap closure or lock to enter, this makes the development of all actions associated with the service is a little uncomfortable camaraderie. Without going into local regulations that exist in every city and regulating the installation of terraces.

But if that our box is packed during the worst days of winter, worth, Or did not?

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