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Voice-activated smart kiosks, the new trend in restaurant orders


Increasing the efficiency of the processes that take place in the restaurant is one of the main tasks of the technology. Along with this goal, often we find other goals such as improving the user experience or increasing profit margins.

The autopedido kiosks act effectively on waiting times and user experience, It is therefore highly prized furniture.

Although the initial investment that must be addressed when you want to install a kiosk autopedido is not exactly small, the return on investment is soon reached, and from there everything is saving, both time and money. And in dramas; shorter waiting times avoid frictions arising between customers.

Autopedido kiosks have spread like wildfire in large companies operations sector. in EE. UU., especially, devices that were installed years ago have already begun to be outdated. So much progress there has been in this technological niche.

In Spain and other countries, there is still a lot of space for the implantation of these devices. A) Yes, as is usual be in the restaurant industry, American establishments are pioneers in installing machines that go a step further.

During 2019 we have seen appeared Models equipped with facial recognition tools and transaction histories, able to save a few seconds on each commands to automatically recognizing regular customers and proactively propose one ultrapersonalizado menu based on your personal preferences.

Other kiosks use a macro data base of all users who have ever gone through the local (or local, when you are speaking of a string) and cross these data with information from other sources: traffic situation, weather, events held in the city, etc. With this information Suggested products with a higher likelihood of purchase by the customer.

Another development that has recently come to the market borrows technology virtual assistants. The new self-order kiosks have nothing to envy to the technological wonders launched by Google and Amazon. Thanks to your software They are able to manage user request conversationally, causing inconvenience to the consumer are minimal potential.

Sensory Inc., a company dedicated to integrating emerging artificial intelligence solutions business devices, is one of those companies based in Silicon Valley working to change the landscape for tomorrow's restaurants and grocery stores.

Its newest model autopedido kiosk using all existing tools on the market to create the final model. Although still he has not left the alpha, the apparatus has a video interpretation system, biometric capabilities, specialized virtual assistant and connection to the cloud and to the base of the company macrodata.

In someway, the possibility of using the kiosk as virtual assistant comes from a demand from the population, who wants to interact with technology in a more convenient way. According to one of the company's top managers, the next business revolution in the service sector could materialize as a need to distinguish themselves from the competition through conversational services.

Activation technology and voice control opens the door to a new world of possibilities. In addition to simplifying orders and reduce waiting times again associated with the service, Restaurants also be able to collect vital information for business.

Todd Mozer an example, CEO of the company IA, exposes refers to the possibility of interpret the inflection in the tone of the clients to know how it is developing its expertise. Thus do not expect to receive negative reviews on the internet to find out that something is wrong in setting, problems can be detected before and act on them to correct them with the utmost speed and without any possibility of degradation of the brand image of the business.

The self-order kiosk already include a analytical module, how could it be otherwise. This unit is the brain of the device. A brain powered by artificial intelligence that allows the kiosk to offer products efficiently. A) Yes, Restaurant owners can increase the profitability of your local to the increasing amount of each transaction, either by including dynamic pricing or more items than usual in each commands.

Some days ago, we met a new project developed by McDonald’s in Spain and that goes one step further in the evolution of this type of devices, removing it from the restaurant and making them available to the client in some of the main streets of Madrid.

It is about mupis or advertising posters that by voice, the client can request food at home to deliver to a specific point, and everything is done from the same public road, quickly and easily.

The customer only has to approach and activate the system through voice saying "McDonald’s", choose the food you want and after entering your details they send it home through Glovo. According Natalia Echeverria, McDonalds Marketing Director, and who also collected on behalf of this company the award given by this newspaper to the The Best Digital Restaurants in the category of group or chain in its last edition, he commented "This is where technology, the ease of voice orders, contactless security and our brand come together, we are pioneers in presenting this technology on the street”

McDonald’s are making major investments in technology companies specializing in HE (Artificial intelligence) to improve the way these devices operate. Change is coming, and smart self-order kiosks are already a reality.

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