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Funniest logos (and unfortunate) for a restaurant


If something works as hallmark of a brand over other aspects, is his Logo. Either that of a furniture company, a car dealership or luxury, how not, a restaurant. The logo is the first thing he will receive at a glance the customer of our business and what to some may seem only a symbol, It is an element that says a lot more of our business philosophy than any speech we can do about it.

But What if we want to communicate is the joy and fun of eating a good dinner but inadvertently incurred in the cachondeo? It happens that we find things how are you.

Yes, This logo exists. What if, It is a chicken. We clarified if there confusion of some kind. The fast food chain based in Welsh Cardiff, Dirty Bird -English 'Dirty Bird'- He was presented with the image to its customers and, as it could not be otherwise, It resulted in a not without controversy debate. The company has had to come to the defense of their logo on several occasions to explain that the drawing plays with the 'D' from 'Dirty' and 'B' from 'Bird' but there is still some uncertainty about whether it is a bird or something more erotic.

How to explain to your customers that this is only an unfortunate name and they really are safe to catch a venereal disease? When naming the problem is and you try to make up with a logo that nobody will notice.

This bar Swiss restaurant takes its name from a pre-Alpine region of the country, but we, in Spanish, We creaks a bit. Note that in the area are typical cows and hence the accompanying poster.

¿Sushi, an eye or chest? We voted at first but that left the question. Let the debate begin.

Lost to the river. Why develop a logo full of contrivances that anyone will understand? Better go to the simple. Oh, wait…

Over the same with this. There is no way to disguise that name or Chinese letters, so no need to complicate. But do not say that advertising is misleading. When you go to "Tan Dao Vien" you know what you stick.

thanks apart, Just pull no mood to design a logo which triggers curiosity customer. If you do not want to fall into the same mistakes that restaurant owners committed just see, Here's another batch of ideas that perhaps can help you in your creative process. Note: make sure you use only as a source of inspiration, and they all have copyright.

Leave no doubt. Your restaurant serves Russian food and what else there is Russian Communism? In the times, perhaps Putin, but leaving aside the controversial leader, Communism is the hallmark of the former Soviet Union. yes, do not forget replace the hammer and sickle by a spoon and a fork or there may be misunderstandings.

If you're into bars or restaurants with live music, Congratulations, it will be easy to play with logo. The resemblance between a fork or spoon lends itself to recreate guitars, microphones or other musical instruments as seen in previous designs.

A restaurant in a park has easy symbolism: the surrounding nature. Choose an item that represents the location in which it is -a tree that predominates in the park, a typical flower in the zone or fruit of a bush- and turn it into your image.

In the case of a fast food business or home delivery, the key is speed distribution. The dodo image reflects the speed: you'll deliver pizza flying. Try a roadrunner, a gazelle or another inanimate object that is fast, like a motorcycle or a rocket. You can get something simple and fun at the same time.

Here are other 100 examples. Who knows if among them have already found an idea that has inspired you to design the logo that best suits your business. What is clear is that with a dash of humor and high doses of imagination you can get decent results out lists like this.

Funniest logos (and unfortunate) for a restaurant
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