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The best 15 SEO tips for restaurants that will improve the SEO of your business


There is no better advertising online to appear as the first result in the search engines when a potential customer performs his research on where to eat from your mobile device or desktop computer.

Although the concept is simple, achieve master pages results Google, Bing and the like is very complicated, which is why we have emerged a group of specialists SEO (search engine optimization) who devote themselves body and soul to discover what the inner workings of the algorithms and neural networks underlying these everyday tools, with the sole aim of discovering the methods by which you can reach a web positioning to strengthen the digital presence restaurant and improve our visibility in the network.

SEO can be complex or even unintelligible to the restorer unfamiliar with new technologies, why have clear guidelines on what to do and what not to do it is helpful. The below have been compiled by Ahmed Khalifa, a renowned SEO consultant based in Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom).

1.- Publish your letter or menu on the web, better prices

When an Internet user enters the web of a restaurant, does seeking information on it. If the information you are looking for is not there, He will leave the page and head to another.

One of the metrics that are used when positioning the webs is the retention rate, which it is nothing but a measure of time spent by the average individual to read the web. The higher, best.

Because, Whereas the main service offered by a restaurant is the food, it stands to reason that one of the first questions that an Internet user wants to see answered is what you can taste in local.

The menu or letter of the establishment must appear on the web and always better prices, It generates confidence and diners can get an idea of ​​the budget to be available!. But there are some notes to do in this regard. The letter must be integrated as text so that search engines can direct users to the website when searching for "grilled shrimp" or "grilled meat restaurant". If the menu is available as a downloadable file or file, this is not possible, and is a serious inefficiency. In this case, Besides, users of mobile devices can not access the content comfortably.

The same menu can be made public on other platforms in the restaurant maintains digital presence, a clear case are as aggregators reviews Yelp O TripAdvisor, also in Google My Business, as well as external reserve management services and home delivery.

Finally, when there are changes in the letter, they must move to the web. There is no faster the discontent of a diner to inform you that the menu had planned to visit the website is not possible because the information is outdated and several dishes are no longer available road.

2.- Analyzes the best keywords to be findable

Analysis of keywords is a process by which one can know what made Internet searches to reach our website, and other similar searches and what traffic there have. The purpose of this analysis is to make users who might be interested in our content more easily reach.

Usually these studies are in the hands of experts in SEO, they can offer very competitive price reports, but if the restorer feel confident you can use free applications Google Trends, O software payment as KWFinder O SEMrush.

These tools will give us key information as the weight of the keyword, the evolution over time of the searches, monthly traffic and even the price of advertising with this string.

3.- Optimizing el SEO on-page

He SEO on-page It is inherent in our website and one on which we have absolute control. To get the most out of our blog posts or shared content must make use of the metatítulos, the metadescripciones, optimize the URL with keywords, use headers, integrated video or image formats, optimize memory requirements of such means, include internal links to information of interest to visitors and boost the burden of web.

4.- It works as main objective the local positioning

Geolocated searches They have become vitally important in recent years. These systems allow search engines to share most significant results to users through the use of geoposicionamiento IP or direct access to the location data from the GPS device built into the mobile terminal.

SEO for restaurants begins to dominate the local scene since competitiveness in this environment is much lower, especially when the restaurant is located in populations of minor. In big cities, maintain a strong local digital presence can be equally complex.

Must have presence in the different platforms that allow local location through search engines: Google MyBusiness y Maps, Bing Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, ElTenedor, etc. We also have to treat with care the contents deposited on these sites, and address the issues arising when interacting with the public. All this sends positive signals to our web positioning.

Of course, we return indicated in the first paragraph: the user wants to have information about the restaurant. Because, it is necessary that the current data such as address or telephone number appear on profile, and opening times, the letter if possible or the web address where this is available.

5.- Take care the most of your Google My Business tab

It is certainly the most powerful free tool today to get great positioning. Although ads AdWords They can help you reach new customers, Google My Business, whose mode of basic use is free, It provides a clear and visible tab you can edit to your liking with relevant information and photographs of the dishes served or rooms where take place the different foods offered.

While this section only appears when the Internet user looks up the name of the local, It gives the impression that the restorer is concerned with maintaining a good image of your business.

There are some built-in Google My Business tools used very little. This should change. One of the most flagrant cases is that of posts. These text entries allow owners connect with the audience, update information on local and give news those interested in establishing.

The same goes for hashtags. Clever use of hashtags You can reach more people, users who will be interested in the services you offer and if they are treated properly could become repeat customers. Choose headed what hashtags you include, and discard those that contribute nothing to the business.

6.- Encourages customers to leave feedback and comments

Today the reviews are more important than we might think. Gone are the days when friends or family recommended us which restaurant to go. In the information age, a quick search on Google tells us everything we need to know about.

When choosing a restaurant among the many that will surely appear on the results page, one of the most important aspects that have in the selection is the number of reviews that have been left in the profile and the note in the ranking of the portal.

A restaurant without reviews pointing to a place that sees little traffic and customers may not have nothing to; that is to say, a mediocre establishment. The more reviews have profile, give us greater confidence place.

A) Yes, some companies like TripAdvisor They have found that with large numbers of reviews, the probability that Internet user interacts with the profile increases substantially.

Nevertheless, not many customers who take the trouble to leave a review, comment or review about your experience in the restaurant. Many do not because it consumes time they do not want to devote to this task, others do not because they do not know they have the possibility, and a third cohort of people think is irrelevant whether they do or not.

Restorer can show diners that their opinions are important for the proper functioning of the local, and in this simple way will raise the number of opinions that diners leave. Another possibility is performing a reminder or track customer. It is very important that you answer your customer's comments, the text positioned in an extraordinary way.

7.- Share photos of your dishes #foodporn

A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying never gets old, still full force. If we add to this that other saying that first impressions are the most important, and he mentioned that the food enters through the eyes, it is clear that having high quality photographs relating to services provided in the restaurant is a must.

The most important thing is to document the most picturesque courses, colorful and tasty that we, have exceptional photographs of the dishes More popular, show with great detail interior decorating, cleaning the dining room and other rooms Restaurant, and faithfully portray the reality of the environment that is enjoyed eating on site.

Not enough to have a good photographic equipment, You must know how to use it. There is are other alternatives to expensive specialized photo agencies. Some influencers They may be interested in a free meal in exchange for performing work, in this sense, the bloggers gastronomy seasoned in photographic tasks (Seek by Instagram) They will delight Internet users.

8.- Create unique content for social networks

Luckily for those who have followed the previous segment to the letter, the investment can be amortized to share professional photographs systematically in social networks.

To this end Facebook It has been working very well, and in Twitter the hashtags They have always helped those interested in particular thematic reach the relevant content easily and simple. However, Instagram It integrates the best of both worlds and is, and in this, the social network that restaurants should give priority. an Instagram, communication is based on the image, and this is precisely what interests.

With a good strategy to keep the digital presence in networks can get new customers come to our business organically without any extra effort.

9.- Give the right format photographs of the web

Photographs can still be used even beyond social networks. Our website can be greatly enhanced if we renew the graphic design with photos of our dishes.

In doing so, Several considerations must be taken into account. The first relates to the loading time of the web. We should not overload our site with too many images as this will slow navigation and scare Internet users. A good format image compression can save memory, with the consequent increase in load speed that this entails and improved positioning.

On the other hand, the added photographs must be accompanied by the relevant SEO for restaurants. If we add a succulent dish of spaghetti bolognese not be described as such captioned. An adequate description is one that integrates different terms that a consumer might be interested in Search. A) Yes, "Recipe for spaghetti bolognese with homemade tomato sauce and spices Italian restaurant Fulanito» provide you with eventually a greater flow of visitors on the net.

Equally important is the filename. We can not leave the default set by the camera. The best SEO solution for restaurants in this area is to include keywords without stop words and separated by hyphens. This system works best when three or four words are used Chained, no more, and when there is no competition in the terms used. As a final tip, competition can be reduced by replacing "restaurant-vegan-madrid.jpg" with "restaurant-vegan-Madrid-1.jpg". Everything has its trick in the world of search engine optimization ...

10.- Make it very easy online booking and integrate with other platforms

Many Internet users are native. Several others are adapting to the digital transformation of everyday life. What both have in common is that they do not support backup methods wordy. The first they are frustrated to learn good hand that there are better solutions. Others directly are not able to progress in the process.

Comfort is everything. Because, Besides giving priority to a backup system with a good user experience design, should have several alternatives so that every Internet use that with which you are most familiar. This small nod to the consumer has the ability to change our turnover drastically: in a survey conducted by getapp, he 70% of respondents would use reservation systems online If there are several options, in front of 20% that would be encouraged to do so by phone only.

In addition to the reservation systems of traditional platforms like ElTenedor, Cover Manager in OpenTable, also exist plug-ins to Google, and in recent times social networks are aiming to join the business network holding restaurants; It is the case Instagram O Google My Business, sonde and are integrated with reservation systems.

11.- It includes advanced metadescriptions

If you have done some research on Google recently you may have noticed that those related to events or companies show Additional information on the descriptions of the results. dates, prices, wait time, calories from a dish, etc.

All this information can be included as rich snippets on the website of a restaurant with a little code. It may be beyond our reach if we are not used to debatirnos with these conflicts; then, it's time to have an expert in SEO. The rich snippets, In addition to reporting potential customer, help search engines interpret, and thus positioned, best web where there has been technical performance.

Very few pages have this information, so the owner has here a reef that will allow you to gain some advantage over competing businesses.

12.- Promotes the participation of customers in your content

We can differentiate our restaurant digitally through social networks and share content in them.

Text entries, videos and photographic material we do not have public hastily designed, This will only lead to hearing the overlook. Each contribution must have intentionality, arrive at the proper time and distill the essence of the local. It is important that the corporate image we want to project our business is well evident in our public communications.

All these works are executed much more efficiently and optimized relevant professional, but if it is not available personnel responsible for digital PR, we should take it easy and devote the time necessary to create content.

On the other hand, we also discover what the rate of rise that fits the local. Some need to contact the establishment hearing two or three times a day to maintain a high participation rate. Others only do it once a week. When we decided what the pace should, it is necessary to stick to it. Frequency is an ally of the restorer dump in the digital environment, Make your frequent customers know when they can expect to hear from.

Since participation and digital presence is what is sought to perform these feats of communication networks, it is vital that the conversation is not unidirectional. For it, nothing better than to respond to the comments we made in these platforms and encourage the creation of a community. If you think this can not bring success, just ask the influencers, whose careers they are based precisely that, in ganking with your audience.

13.- Promotes mobile traffic and SEO adapts to the use of smartphones

Because in the West the percentage of smartphone users are located above 95% and that in the rest of the world this value lies not far beyond the hundred percent, it is logical to adapt the restaurant's website users of these devices is a smart bet.

For it, we must take into account the peculiarities of these systems when designing the page: reduced screen size, touch controls, limited internet connection, etc. An optimized page for mobile users is a page prepared to withstand the test of time and that this will bring new technologies, and a good adaptation to changes in consumer behavior.

Finally, we can not overlook the SEO for restaurants oriented users of mobile data connections. Since these devices are uncomfortable type, Searches are done by voice. These searches have brought voice turn Conversational keywords, much longer than those seen on desktop devices, and that some restaurateurs do not use fully desadvertidos. There is much potential to exploit. Recalls that the 80% Traffic hospitality is already mobile.

14.- Looks after the security of your digital systems

Commercial sites are exposed to all kinds of computer attacks. Many websites provide sensitive customer information, as can be the address of his residence, your email or phone number, and behavior patterns and preferences.

To not be involved in any undesirable scandal, It is preferable from a good base. If the page is made with a template, you have to use a well-tested subject not give problems. A) Yes, no pirated or downloaded on sites of dubious legality versions, must resorting to original sources and not compromise the business in the first step which occurs when creating the web Restaurant. Of course, Nor can we ignore maintenance. Many of the supplements we use on our websites must be updated to ensure that the whole is impenetrable to attacks hackers.

The same applies when the code to a web developer is responsible. It is known that some independent developers do not have the best behaviors and work ethic. Thus, worth programming groups have extensive experience and depth in the market.

15.- To learn more ... Google Analytics!

These points cover the basics of SEO for restaurants, how to maintain a strong digital presence that serves to advertise online at low cost, and provide good service to the consumer network.

However, the field of search engine optimization and marketing In the net It is extensísimo, and this is just the beginning. Each case is different and it is necessary to make a analysis of progress and evolution of the web. When we arrived at this point, Google Analytics It will be the first tool which will have to resort.

With Google Analytics you can learn more data about our audience, how this comes to us and what impact they are having on it. With this information we can weigh what our strengths and empower, and discover our weaknesses and put solution.

In summary, SEO for restaurants can be within an hour a week or require a full-time specialist. A greater investment, Bigger benefit. As long as you know what you are doing, Of course.

In this sense, trial and error is key, But let us take the miraculous solutions that promise top positions in search engines, these are based on techniques blackhat they just leading to penalties.

A good start may be to dominate the local market, then you can look beyond. Cheer up and good luck!

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